Burner Updates

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5 Reasons to Set Up A Burner Number When You Travel

What Is a Verified Number, and How Do You Get One?

A Brief History of GIFs: From the Dancing Baby to Pedro Pascal

We’re burning our old brand!

Everything you need to know about Burner’s redesign in 2022

Deleting Text Messages: A Complete Tutorial

Android Services Nobody Ever Told You About

Introducing Firewall

New Power Features and Quick Access Tools to Use Burner like a Boss

Nomorobo for All! Stop Spam Calls and Telemarketers in Their Tracks

Calling for Change: Meet John Emerson, the Creator of LobbyPhone

Your Feedback in Action with iOS 3.6.2

Streamlining Messaging and Upgrading the Inbox with Android 3.6.2

Burner Gets Contact Muting, Photos, and Notes

Turbocharge Your Fundraisers with Burner Smart Phone Numbers

Built on Burner: Hostbot, a Case Study

Hostbot, a Burner Line for Vacation Rental Hosts

Build Apps on Burner: New API with OAuth 2 Support

Burner + Nomorobo: Empowering People to Silence Spam Calls

Working the Election? Phone Banking? Get A Free, Unlimited Burner

Every Day Is a GIF with Burner 3.4: Now Updated for iOS10

Say Anything - We’re All Ears

Ready for Android N with Burner 3.5 (plus GIFs!)

Say Hello to Ghostbot, a Smart Bot That Can Handle Your Unwanted Texts

Rolling Out a Stack of New Features and Smart Phone Capabilities with Burner 3.3

Slack Integration for Mobile and a Dialer That Will Make You Say “WOW.”

Fun with Webhooks: Text Us for A Chance to Win a Blink(1) Indicator

Burner Connections and Subscriptions Now Available On Android!

Introducing Burner 3.0 for Android

Companies using SMS to connect with customers

Bringing SMS to a global audience is a challenging endeavor

New feature alert: Auto-reply to texts has arrived!

Burner 2.1.6 For Android

Techly.com: Protect Your Identity On Your Mobile With The Australian Release of Burner

Announcing Burner Cloud: ephemeral cloud storage

Burner is now available in Australia!

Why Burner is the Perfect Utility for Social Media Managers, Part 1

Creating great Etsy experiences using Burner

Tim Ferris & Kevin Rose discuss Burner on The Random Show

Burner featured in Fast Company's Free App Friday!

Introducing Burner Reminders -- a feature you’ll thank us for later

Burner is a Burner is a Burner... Not!

Burner is today's feature startup on KillerStartups.com

Find out how Burner app saved The Verge's Ben Popper from PR hell at CES2015

Chris Messina on "unlisted" and "burners" as a mainstreaming interaction model

TheVerge.com: Burner phone? There's an app for that...

Do you use Burner? We want to meet you!

Introducing the Burner Number Manager - Our Official Google Chrome Extension

Say hello to Burner 3.0 -- and Picture Messaging!

Custom Greetings, Android Intents, and Whatever the Plural of “Emoji” Is

Burner nominated for Webby Award

Ad Hoc Labs Nominated for LAVA Award

On funding Burner's future

Two factor authentication: GitHub joins the party

The Life of a Burner Intern

Burner 1.6 is here!

How To Check Your Voicemail on Different Devices

How To Call India From the US

Ready to start calling & texting with a shiny new number?

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