Introducing Firewall

Introducing Firewall
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We are delighted to announce the release of a brand new product: Firewall, the call screening app that goes beyond robocall blocking to block 100% of unwanted phone calls. Think of it as the extreme robocall blocker.

Firewall is borne from our experience building and growing Burner into what it is today – the leading virtual phone number app, used by millions of people who want privacy for their mobile phone numbers and control over who gets to call and text them.

Burner may be the best extra-line app, but with over 5 billion robocalls per month in the U.S. alone and getting worse – not to mention all kinds of phone scams and other calls that are just annoying – we need better solutions to protect the first line too.

Firewall is the first and only app that handles all of the incoming calls to your number, passing through only the callers you’ve designated as your “whitelist” and sending the rest straight to voicemail (or to oblivion, if it’s a known scam or robocaller). Firewall has lots of other bells and whistles too, like high-quality voicemail transcription, easy ways to add new callers to your whitelist, and even an anonymous outbound calling feature, in case you need to return a call you’re uncertain about (powered by Burner, of course).  

Whether you can’t stand robocalls and need to “go nuclear” on them, or you just get too many  interruptions from calls that should have been texts, Firewall is the ultimate call screener for the mobile era – and the only foolproof fix for robocalls.

Brought to you by the innovative team that makes Burner, Firewall is our first new app and has been a long time in the making. It’s available for iOS in the U.S. starting today.


Install Firewall and start enjoying peace and quiet right now.

Or click for a detailed look at Firewall’s features and how they work, or to read more about why we believe the world needs another robocall blocker app.

A Few Burner Updates Too


In addition to Firewall and in response to popular demand, we’re also announcing VoIP-powered in-app calling for Burner for iOS. Any Burner line can be set to “in-app calling” mode, which enables handling of incoming and outgoing calls right in the Burner app. This means calls will run over WiFi or data, streamlined callerID, no record of calls on your carrier phone bill, and no more “press 1 to take the call” dialog. For more info on in-app calling click here.


Using Burner and Firewall together is a great way to make your phone better, and the ultimate way to protect your privacy. If you’re using both Firewall and Burner, we recommend setting Burner to use in-app calling.

Burner has long been the best second phone number app, offering innovative features and a commitment to the privacy of our users. Firewall is the perfect compliment to Burner, offering users more control of their existing primary phone number.

Enjoy your privacy, and please feel free to comment below or tweet your feedback to @burner on Twitter.

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