Custom Greetings, Android Intents, and Whatever the Plural of “Emoji” Is

Custom Greetings, Android Intents, and Whatever the Plural of “Emoji” Is
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Emoji are all the rage these days. Just ask Forbes. Or this GIF-filled Buzzfeed listicle about Katy Perry’s obsessions with them.

But anyway, here’s the announcement: Burner now supports Emoji on iOS and Android. You can now show your friends an image of a smiling piece of poop instead of having to type out “#poop”, “pooped”, or some other inferior means of communication. Needless to say, we’re all really excited.


In other big news on the Android front, we’ve recently hired an awesome new Android developer and he’s been hard at work making all sorts of awesome features for you. Chief among them are custom voicemail greetings. You can now record separate greetings for each of your burner lines for maximum convenience and authenticity -- to make your burners a little more you.

But wait, there’s more! A little something called Intents. You know how sometimes when you tap on a phone number from some other app - like Yelp - you see a window that allows you to make the call from apps other than you main phone app? Intents is what makes that possible. You’ll need to make sure you don’t have a default calling or texting app set in order to use the intents, and we have some quick instructions how to do that here.


This is only the beginning, and we have a ton more features and exciting news coming up for you all. If you wanna stay posted on all our developments, keep reading this blog or check out our Facebook and Twitter.

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