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“Whether it’s handing out a number to someone you just met, or using a disposable number to give out to marketers and websites, burners add an extra layer between you and the caller.” -TheNextWeb

"Having a thin layer of privacy between yourself and the rest of the world, when needed, is hard to put a price on." New York Times

"Ever regret giving out your phone number? If you'd used Burner, you could have given out a temporary number that can be deep-sixed at the very moment your blind date gets awkward." - TIME

“There are countless of cases where users wish to maintain a degree of distance between themselves and the people they’re communicating with. This fact will only increase as home and office landline phones go the way of the Dodo and cell phones become our lone communication device. Ad Hoc is smart to think ahead and build Burner into a comprehensive privacy and identity protection layer for this reality.” - PandoDaily

"Think of this as a mustache. For your cell phone." - Urban Daddy 

"If you need to post contact information publicly but don't want to use your real number, or if you're working on a short term project or with someone you'll only be speaking to for a short time, this app is ideal." - LifeHacker

"Burner gives you the ultimate throw-away phone number." - The Examiner

"Need disposable phone numbers? Burner has you covered." - GigaOm

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About Ad Hoc Labs, Inc.

Ad Hoc Labs is a mobile software company focused on creating solutions for consumers to have tighter control of their personal information and make smarter decisions about privacy. The company was founded by Greg Cohn (formerly of Yahoo! and several prior startups) and Will Carter (formerly of Nokia, and whose previous efforts include several early and innovative mobile and location apps). Ad Hoc Labs is located in Los Angeles, CA and is part of a burgeoning movement of mobile privacy awareness and solutions to protect consumers.

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