The Life of a Burner Intern

The Life of a Burner Intern

I began my work here back in June. I walked in, nervous for the first day of my first internship. I quickly found out that there was no reason to be nervous, as the team here at Ad Hoc Labs is very fun, relaxed (not too relaxed), and communicative, all of which are qualities I so badly wanted for a job that would occupy my summer.

Right away it was time for work. I set up accounts on a multitude of apps and sites that I would be using from my first day to my last. After setting those up, I got my first real task; writing support articles. I thought, "Wow, my first day of work and I'm already writing stuff that will be published online? Awesome!" I started to write each one, noting the different steps it took to achieve the goals of calling a number, burning a number, finding your referral code, etc. and it was going well.  When Jessica informed me that they were live on the Burner site, I was anxious and excited, wondering if I had made any mistakes. After reviewing my work, I settled in, proud of what I had done. This is basically the trend I followed every day of work.

I spent a lot of my days writing for the blog, researching and becoming more active on our social media profiles. Whether it was taking pictures of ninjas or lighting stuff on fire or making videos, I kept busy!

As my time here at Burner draws to a close, I know I am very blessed to have had this as my first real job. My experience here will more than likely be pretty unique. Asking questions is embraced and encouraged,  and issues are solved as quickly as possible. They're a small company with big ambitions of making the world a safer and more private place with an app, that in my eyes, is one of the coolest and most innovative apps I have ever seen or used. I'm honored just to have been a part of it.

But just like a Burner number, my minutes at Ad Hoc Labs have expired.

- Henry, Senior Intern

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