Introducing the Burner Number Manager - Our Official Google Chrome Extension

Introducing the Burner Number Manager - Our Official Google Chrome Extension

The Burner Chrome extension is a great way to keep your multiple Burner numbers handy. You can see how many minutes, texts, and lifetime are left on each, and can copy them for use in emails or conversations with just one click.

When we started building the extension we knew it would be useful, but when we actually started using it during testing even we were surprised at how many times a day it came in handy to give out a phone number. Emails, chats, food delivery, signing up for new websites, political surveys, food deliveries, confirmation codes... the list goes on-and-on. With a simple click you can access all your numbers without having to remember each of your Burners or searching through your app to find the one you want to use. We're sure you'll love this this handy little extension too!

Filling out an online form that asks for a number? The Burner button will automatically appear next the the text field so you can pick one of your Burners to put on that field instead.



In order to use the Burner Chrome Extension you need to download the Burner mobile app - available on iOS and Android - and set up an account. If you already have the app, you need to be updated to the latest version of the app. 3.0 on iOS, and 1.2.0 on Android. If you would like to use the extension but don't have the app itself, simply head to for download links, or search "Burner" in the app store.You can NOT set up an account through the extension itself.


If you do have the mobile app set up, simply enter the main account phone number to log in, and not any of your Burner numbers. We'll send you a verification text that you will type in - just like you did with the Burner mobile app - and you'll be logged in.

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