How Burner Works

How Burner Works

Organize your calls and texts

Choose multiple phone numbers with settings for privacy, life, play, and more.

Protect your privacy

Keep your personal phone number personal. You have at least two emails. Why would you only have one number?

Set boundaries

Shut down communications or even delete your phone number. With Burner, you're in control.

Life’s complicated.
Your phone doesn’t have to be.

Every Burner subscription includes

Unlimited calls & texts

Muting & blocking

Delete or switch numbers

Picture messages

100% ad-free

Spam blocking

Auto-reply texts

Organize contacts by color

One phone, multiple numbers

Burner lets you create up to 3 phone numbers, so you can separate family and friends from coworkers from spam.

Stay safe and anonymous

Burner numbers protect your personal number, and award-winning spam call blocking means only your chosen contacts get through.

Take control
of your communications

You decide who can reach you and when with blocking and do-not-disturb settings, plus the ability to delete or switch numbers.


Ready for a number that's yours, but not your real one?

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