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Burner is the original second phone number app, built to maintain your privacy, organize your social circles, and protect your anonymity.

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Attain inbox bliss

Spend less time dodging calls and more time connecting to the people who matter to you by creating different numbers for different types of contacts.

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Communicate freely

Always feel safe answering the phone with spam blocking and muting, ensuring only your chosen contacts get through.

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Enjoy anonymity

Your Burner numbers can’t be traced to your primary number, while deleting and switching numbers gives you control when you need it.

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The stars say you like us

The best way to add an additional phone number without the additional cost of a separate phone, period.

Mossy O.

This is awesome, because sometimes life happens and I feel better with a good backup plan.

Mars W.

Simple way to get a spare line for business or pretty much any other reason.

Oz T.

Perfect for my micro business needs. I can add additional numbers to keep track of clients if I want.

Shannon G.

I find Burner most useful when selling on Craigslist and giving prospective buyers my burner number.

Mark B.

Don't ever post your real number online. I found this out the hard way. Use this burner app, get yourself another number!

David G.

Best second line out there!! Love it!.

Dustin J.

Using as my business line, and it's nice to have all on one phone. Highly recommend.

Amalia N.

A must-have for Craigslist and local sales.

Kathryn D.

Easy to use, change numbers whenever you want. Keeps private calls private.

Jill L.

This is the best phone app ever! I have 3 lines for personal, business, and junk. You have voicemail for each line too!

Rachel J.


Calm comes with control over who can reach you. Protect your privacy, use Burner.

Every Burner subscription includes

Unlimited calls & texts

Muting & blocking

Delete or switch numbers

Picture messages

100% ad-free

Spam blocking

Auto-reply texts

Organize contacts by color

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