Introducing Burner Reminders -- a feature you’ll thank us for later

Introducing Burner Reminders -- a feature you’ll thank us for later

Our whole world revolves around text messages these days.  Setting up a date from Tinder, sending a photo of your used car via MMS to that potential buyer on Craigslist, a “free to talk?” ping from Mom... it’s all pretty much happening on SMS.  And when you’re responding in the moment, text messages are perfect.  

But what if you can't respond right away?

When you’re busy and your inbox fills up with messages you need to get back to later (as ours often do), it’s a pain to find and remember all your to-do’s.

What if you could just swipe right to set a reminder?

As of today, with the rollout of Burner’s new Reminders feature, you can. Now, when you get a text, call, or selfie you need to do something about later, don’t just let it sit there, marked as read.  Swipe right!  

Once you swipe to set a reminder, you’ll have the option to set a flag for 30 minutes, 2 hours, or 1 day later, which will pop up a notification after the allotted time. (Make sure you have push notifications enabled.) You can also navigate to the list of active reminders at any time, which makes for a pretty convenient call list and to-do list that’s integrated right into your phone and messaging interface.

Tell a friend or your favorite productivity nerd… or swipe right and do it later.

Did someone say longer voicemails?

Yup! Another important feature, especially for those of you using this for your Etsy store or small business, is the ability to personalize your numbers and let your customers or clients know who they are reaching with a custom voicemail greeting. We heard your feedback, and with this update have increased the length of custom greetings.

Stay tuned for more updates soon!

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