7 Scenarios You'll Want to Create a Burner Group Chat For

7 Scenarios You'll Want to Create a Burner Group Chat For
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Tired of feeling like Big Brother is monitoring your every text move? Man, we feel you. At Burner, we know that group messaging is a crucial part of communication in today's fast-paced world, which is why we've elevated our app to meet your needs. 

You're probably used to communicating through your native messaging apps like iMessage, but Burner takes things to a whole different level. When you create a group message on Burner, you get to use disposable numbers that you can burn if the need arises. This ensures that your group chats remain private and protected, something that’s often not possible with standard messaging apps.

Why would you need to burn a number, disposing of it and all traces of your messages and calls entirely? You tell us (or don’t — that’s fine, too). Sometimes, you just need to communicate with a select group of people without the prying eyes of outsiders. 

Go ahead, create a group message in Burner, and say whatever you want (or communicate solely in GIFs for all we care). It’s especially great for the following seven situations…

Planning a Surprise Party

Want to throw the best surprise party ever? Creating a private group message in Burner is your ticket to a seamless, top-secret experience. You can share your plans with trusted friends and family without worrying about the wrong people catching wind of the surprise. 

Plus, with Burner's custom number and voicemail features, you can even communicate without revealing your personal digits (if you already have a Burner number, you can create up to two more on your account for party planning and other purposes). 

Don't let a rogue RSVP or an accidental text ruin your surprise. Use Burner to keep your party planning under wraps. It's like a secret agent mission but with balloons and cake (which honestly sounds like a whole lot more fun to us).

Wild Bachelorette/Bachelor Parties

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? Well, not quite. Thanks to social media, your wild and crazy bachelorette or bachelor party antics are no longer a secret. Unless...you create a private group message in Burner! 

Not only will you be able to keep your debauchery on the down low, but you can also coordinate plans, share photos, and make sure no one is left behind at the club. Plus, since you’ll be using your Burner instead of your real number, you won't have to worry about accidentally drunk-dialing your boss or ex. So go ahead, let loose, and let Burner take care of the rest. What happens in the Burner group message stays in the Burner group message.

Organizing a Neighborhood Potluck

Organizing a neighborhood potluck can be a logistical nightmare. Who's bringing the desserts? Who's manning the BBQ? Who's making sure that Karen doesn't bring her signature three-bean salad again? 

By creating a private group message on Burner, you can easily coordinate with your neighbors and ensure that everyone knows what they need to bring. Plus, and here’s the absolute best part, you can protect your privacy while still maintaining constant communication with the group. 

This means that nobody in your neighborhood has to know your real number. Nope, not even Karen. When the potluck’s over, burn the number or learn how to gracefully remove yourself from a group chat.

Coordinating Group Costumes

Coordinating group costumes or club outfits may seem like a trivial task, but it can make or break your squad's entrance at the Halloween party or new bar. And let's be real, nobody wants to be the odd one out. 

Use Burner to create a private group message to discuss and coordinate your group's costume or outfit ideas. Because you’re using private second numbers and not your real digits, you can easily share links, photos, and inspiration without the worry of outside interference or unsolicited opinions. 

Plus, with Burner's ability to have multiple phone numbers under one account, you can keep your group chat separate from your personal conversations. It's a win-win for you and your privacy. We'll be eagerly awaiting the group's Insta post.

Setting Up a Surprise Proposal

What's more heartwarming than watching a romantic proposal unfold? Creating a private group message in Burner is a surefire way to keep the surprise under wraps. Just imagine: you can gather the most important people in your lives together in a secure group chat and keep them updated with all the details of your impending proposal. 

Plus, you won't have to worry about your partner stumbling across any messages that might spoil the surprise. With Burner, you can ensure that the big question comes as a surprise to everyone (except for you, of course). It's like your own personal proposal command center.

Planning a Weekend Getaway

Looking to escape from the daily grind with some of your closest friends? Maybe you’re dreaming of a lakeside retreat or want to explore the city’s nightlife scene. Whatever your weekend getaway plans may be, Burner is your go-to app for group messaging. 

With our private group messaging feature, you can easily coordinate every detail of your trip, from booking accommodations to mapping out activities. But just a warning — be prepared to make some memories that might not make it to social media. 

Encourage everyone to burn their number after the trip’s over and start anew with fresh digits. It’s the only way to ensure the weekend’s secrets stay secrets.

Office Drama Crew

Whether you work in an office or remotely, some colleagues just live for the drama. The gossip, the rumors, the juicy details —we, er, they can't get enough. Okay, we are they. They are us. We want to know all about why Dylan was called into the boss’s office or why Sophia wasn’t at the all-hands meeting.

And that’s exactly what Burner is for. Create a private group message for your drama-loving crew and get all the tea without the fear of it spreading around the office. Plus, when the drama dies down (or if HR gets involved), you can delete the messages or group and move on with your professional life. Burner is here for you and your not-so-secret office drama addiction.

Start a Group Chat

Whether you're planning a surprise party, keeping your side hustle on the down low, or coordinating a family reunion, Burner has your back in ways iMessage or other texting apps never could.

So go ahead and give Burner a chance — your secrets are safe with us. Sign up now and invite all your friends to join in the fun. With Burner, you'll be able to customize each group chat to fit your specific needs and keep your conversations ultra-private.

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