New Power Features and Quick Access Tools to Use Burner like a Boss

New Power Features and Quick Access Tools to Use Burner like a Boss
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Today we’re releasing iOS 3.7.5, which continues to advance our mission to help protect your privacy and make your app experience as convenient as possible. In particular, much of this release focuses on utilizing iOS features, such as Siri and Force Touch, to give you quicker access to commonly used Burner app actions.

Change your app icon

Burner is all about privacy, and one of the things our privacy-focused users have asked for is the ability to change the Burner app icon.

We've heard from many users that they use Burner as a way to manage their personal safety and security in different situations. Now, if someone is scanning your phone or shoulder-surfing while you use it, they don't have to know any more than you want them to.

Try a more discreet app icon or one of our other fun alternatively-styled Burner icons (Main Menu → Global Settings → Change App Icon):


Force Touch for quick access to common actions

We are making use of iOS’s Force Touch feature to allow you to take a number of common actions without having to open the app.

When you receive an iOS notification that someone is texting your Burner, you can Force Touch (press down and hold) the notification to either (1) type and send a response or (2) mute that contact.

You can also now Force Touch the Burner app icon from your home screen to (1) quickly toggle Do Not Disturb mode on and off or (2) easily begin creating a brand new Burner number.


Use Siri for hands-free texting

You can now use Siri voice commands to send text messages from Burner with your voice.

Enable Siri and say, “Send a message using Burner” or “Send a message to [contact name] using Burner.” Siri will ask you what you want to send and confirm that you want to shoot off the text.

If you have more than one Burner line, you’ll need to open Burner and go into Global Settings to enable a default line for Siri to use.


Burner color options moved back to Settings

Finally, we’ve heard from a lot of folks since we moved the Burner color settings into the pull-down menu that it was hard to find in its new home.

We feel your pain, and today we’re taking your suggestion to move the Burner color switcher back into your Burner Settings. You can now find and change your Burner color/background image by tapping the Gear icon from the Inbox in Burner. The pull-down menu (Shortcuts) from the inbox still houses important actions, such as mark all as read and delete all messages.


Thanks for all the great feedback. Our users constantly improve our app, and we love hearing from you. Send an email to if you have any questions, concerns, or further suggestions for improvement.

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