Announcing Burner Cloud: ephemeral cloud storage

Announcing Burner Cloud: ephemeral cloud storage
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Over the last few years here at Burner we've used a lot of ephemeral apps, from Secret to Snapchat to Leo, and we think they all have one thing in common -- they’re all a little too permanent. We know just how much privacy concerned consumers care about having control over how long their information lives on the web and we’ve created the tool you need to have full control over your most valued digital possessions -- your files. So today we’re announcing Burner Cloud.

What is Burner Cloud?

It’s the only truly and fully ephemeral cloud storage solution on the web. We’ve found that the way to keep your important files private is to never make them accessible -- to anyone. By never having to worry about file organization and management, we can ensure that you have more time to focus on the things that really matter, like Meerkat and Periscope.

Why Burner Cloud?

Our research -- of which we have done a lot -- has found that time and value are inversely, exponentially proportional. The less time your files have the valuable they become. The best part? Burner Cloud is and will always be totally free -- and no, we’re not kidding -- for unlimited file uploads!

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