Say hello to Burner 3.0 -- and Picture Messaging!

Say hello to Burner 3.0 -- and Picture Messaging!
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Whether you use Burner for privacy and safety, for work or for fun, we all want to communicate, share, and stay in touch with people.  And now we’ve added MMS picture messages and features that make it easier than ever to integrate Burner into your everyday routine and share your number with anyone, anywhere.

Everything is better with pictures!

When you’re using Burner for selling things on Craigslist, meeting people from Tinder, or just keeping your personal number private, everything is better with pictures. You have been asking, and today is the day:  you can now create MMS-enabled Burners to share photos with anyone in the US and Canada, on any carrier, from both iOS and Android!

One inbox, multiple Burners

Our new, unified inbox gives you a one-glance view of your active conversations and helps you stay in touch across multiple Burners. You’ll see your most recent conversations in the inbox but can swipe to filter by line and manage older conversations.  You also can create new threads from the inbox, update your settings, and burn your numbers from the main screen of the app. And each Burner can be customized and assigned a different color to help you stay organized.

New Burner address book

Burner now comes with its own address book, so you can create and manage new contacts easily, while keeping them separate from your native contacts. Each Burner has a dedicated contact list, and you can assign contacts on a per-Burner basis to stay organized and quickly jump into conversations.

iOS 8 features

Now you can keep your private conversations (and pictures) a little more private by locking Burner with Touch ID or a pin lock. Also with this version you can enable Burner’s Today Extension.  When you’re out and about, you can find your Burner number with a single swipe from the lock screen or any app on your phone.  Simply tap a Burner number to start a new conversation.

Burners in your browser

When you’re responding to an email or filling out a form online and really don’t want to use your personal number, it can be a pain to grab your phone and look up your Burner number.  Until now.  Today we are launching the Burner Chrome Extension – a simple plug-in for the Chrome browser on your desktop computer.  Once you download the extension you can automatically enter or copy any of your Burners with a single click.

Stay tuned

We have more features coming very soon and we’ll be posting tips and tricks for getting the most out of Burner 3.0.

We are so excited about this update and we’d love to hear what you think too! You can connect with us on Twitter, Facebook or join our newsletter to stay up to date.

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