Burner 1.6 is here!

Burner 1.6 is here!

This new version of Burner is hot! We’re very excited to share with you our new referral program and a ton of sizzling new features!

Burner Referral Program

Once you update, you'll see a new "Refer Friends" button where you'll find your referral code. We've made it easy to send invitations directly to your friends via text or email, or share to Facebook and Twitter. It's simple: every time one of your friends signs up using your code, you’ll both see extra credits added to your account.

To kick off the referral program, we've made Burner free for a limited time! Not only will your friends get free credits for using your referral code, they'll also receive one sample burner on us. So, start sending those invites -- we promise your friends will thank you!

Other Features and Improvements

You can now record your own custom voicemail greeting. The custom greeting is specific to each burner, so you can record a custom greeting for the burner you use for business and keep the standard anonymous message for the other burners you use for play...or maybe the other way around.

Thanks to your feedback, you can say goodbye to burned numbers based on usage. Now when you use all your minutes or SMS, the number will be disabled and can be refilled any time until the expiration date.

There are interface enhancements throughout the app and improved notifications for calls and voicemails.

We've also added the ability to better manage your call history by starring, renaming and marking as read. This is one of our favorite new features and it really comes in handy when you have a lot of incoming activity.

Phew, that was a lot and this is just the tip of the iceberg! Be on the look out for more awesomeness coming very soon!

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