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About Las Vegas

Welcome to the 702! Or, as it’s known in popular culture, Sin City. Las Vegas might be regarded as the Gambling Capital of the World or even The City of Neon Lights, but there’s more to do in the 702 area code than gamble at Caesar’s Palace, the Bellagio, or the MGM Grand. From the 702 area code, you can branch out and explore nearby attractions, such as a day-trip to the Grand Canyon or the Hoover Dam. Looking to stay local within Vegas? Visit the Neon Museum for Insta-worthy snapshots, indulge in one of Vegas’ iconic buffets, or simply stroll down The Strip before calling it a day and heading back to your hotel resort for some R&R. There’s so much to see and do in the 702 area code that you’ll likely need it.

Areas Served

Covering all of Clark County, Nevada, the 702 area code serves nearly 2.3 million numbers, including individuals with landlines, cellphones, and even the area’s major businesses and hotels. This means that not only do hotels such as the Bellagio and Aria have a 702 number but so do thousands of businesses in the area, stretching all the way from Mesquite in the northeast corner of the county to Coyote Springs, Boulder City, and everywhere in between.

The History of 702

The History of 702

As one of America’s original area codes, the 702 area code initially the entire state of Nevada when it was introduced in 1947. And, unlike other metropolitan cities, the 702 area code didn’t need to be split off or overlaid anytime soon. It wasn’t until 1998 that the 702 area code was split off into 775, the latter being used for the rest of Nevada outside of Las Vegas and the nearby city of Henderson. While projections don’t show that the 702 area code won’t need to be replaced until at least 2045, the 725 area code was introduced in 2014 for Las Vegas as well. As it currently stands, the 702 area code is widely recognized as the classic Las Vegas area code and shares coverage with the 725 area code of surrounding smaller cities such as Henderson, Boulder City, Paradise, Spring Valley, and Sunrise Manor. Actually, together with 725 numbers, the 702 area code extends to cover 100% of Las Vegas, Henderson, and the aforementioned cities. The 725 area code will most certainly carry on longer as it’s currently only used up to 1% of its capacity, versus 91% for the 702 area code.

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