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About Seattle

From the Space Needle to Pike Place Market, the 206 area code covers a lot of iconic US hotspots. Tucked away in the Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle is most well-known for its evergreen forests, waterfront views, and as the birthplace of Starbucks. But, even if you’re not into gloomy Pacific Northwest weather and coffee, there’s still lots to discover in the 206 area code. Impressive architecture and stunning sights can be found at the Museum of Pop Culture and at tranquil Chihuly Garden and Glass. Make sure to wander past the Gum Wall before gallivanting off on a day trip to hike up Mount Rainier. Or, stay close to the city and experience the best of the 206 area code’s great outdoors at Discovery Park.

Areas Served

As the smallest area code in Washington, the 206 area code doesn’t cover much geographical ground. However, it services over two million people in King and Kitsap counties. You’ll find that the 206 area code is most prominent in Seattle, but it’s also used to cover both Vashon and Bainbridge Island.

The History of 206

The History of 206

The 206 area code was one of the original area codes introduced in the 1940s and served the entire state of Washington. Since then, it’s been split and overlaid, now reduced to serve only the cities of Seattle, Vashon, and Bainbridge Island. The sole reign of the 206 area code in Washington lasted until 1957 when the 509 area code was introduced to cover the eastern portion of the state. They split the state roughly along the border of the Cascade Mountains and the 206 area code served the western third of the state. Then, in 1995, the 206 area code was split off with the 360 area code, which was used to cover all cities and regions outside of the Seattle-Tacoma area. Later, in 1997, the 206 area code was split even further and the 253 area code was used to cover numbers south of Seattle while the 425 area code was used for numbers in the northeastern part of the Seattle region, including Everett and Eastside. The result? Today, the 206 area code is extremely exclusive and identifiable as the Seattle area code, namely for businesses with landlines as it’s tied to more landline numbers than mobile numbers.

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