How To Create a Custom Phone Number

How To Create a Custom Phone Number
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Your phone number is essentially a part of your identity. You use it for everything, and it’s one of the main ways that people are able to contact you. With that in mind, it’s pretty strange that you’re assigned a random mobile phone number that you're stuck with for the rest of your life.

With that said, there are ways to have some control over the digits that make up your phone number. Plus, this can help you out in more ways than one. Here’s how you can create a custom phone number in 2024. Here are some answers to all of your custom phone number FAQs.

Obtaining a Second Phone Number

Here are some routes you can take to obtain a second phone number.

Using Apps Like Burner

One of the most straightforward ways to get a second phone number is through an app like Burner. With Burner, you’re in full control of your phone numbers, providing you the ability to set up and delete numbers as you choose.

Traditional Telecom Providers

You can always go to your existing telecom service provider and request a second line. While this might be traditional and reliable, it can also be time-consuming and involve extensive paperwork. Plus, with this method, you may not have the ability to select your preferred area code.

Google Voice

Another option is Google Voice, a service that provides you with a free phone number for calls, text messages, and voicemail. However, the availability of numbers can be limited, and this service isn't available worldwide.

Skype Number 

Skype offers a paid service through its simulated phone system, where you can get a local phone number in many countries. You can use this number to take calls on Skype from both landlines and mobiles. However, the cost can add up — especially if you need the number for the long term.


Some smartphones support eSIM technology, which allows you to have multiple numbers on a single device. While this is convenient, it's dependent on your device's capabilities and carrier support. This means that it might not be the best option for you, depending on your setup.

In contrast to other custom phone number alternatives, Burner provides a convenient, user-friendly way to get a second phone number. We let you choose your desired area code while keeping the functionality of features like Caller ID and voicemail transcription. This freedom gives you some control when deciding on your new number, which can't be said for the other options.

Getting started with Burner is simple and hassle-free, saving you from the hassle that can come with traditional telecom service providers. Plus, we give you the ability to have up to three phone numbers — this will keep you organized and efficient when receiving calls.

Benefits of a Second Custom Phone Number

There are plenty of benefits to getting a secondary custom phone number outside of freedom in regards to your digits (and call forwarding). One of the greatest benefits of this phone service is that it can also protect your privacy.

Hackers and scammers can learn a lot about you through your personal number. For that reason, it should only be reserved for the people you trust. 

Having a second Burner number acts as a shield between strangers and your primary number, as they’ll only see your secondary number whenever they make an incoming call. Plus, they’ll only see your Burner number on the caller ID if you ever try to make outgoing calls or send text messages.

A custom phone number can also help you establish a new identity when you’re living somewhere new. People are more likely to answer phone calls from an area code they recognize. So, if you move to a new state, getting a vanity phone number with a local area code gives you a familiar presence while allowing you to preserve your old number and contacts.

A secondary telephone number can also give you the ability to manage your calls better. Features like 'Do Not Disturb' can help manage notifications, allowing calls and messages to be directed to your secondary number. Easy activation and routing calls to your chosen phone is straightforward.

Getting a Vanity Phone Number

You might want a bit more customization. Similar to how small businesses use this feature for networking and brand recognition, you can use vanity phone numbers to build your personal brand, giving your friends a fun way to get in touch with you. A vanity phone number that tells people what you’re all about.

Have you ever seen those custom vanity phone numbers that spell out words, such as 1-800-BUILDER for a construction company? These easy-dial, toll-free numbers can provide a sense of fun and also keep your number easy to remember.

Vanity numbers are specific phone numbers that can stick in your contact’s heads a bit better than a random scramble of numbers on your keypad. So, how can you go about getting a new phone number like this? Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting a local vanity phone number.

Get a New Phone Number

First, you’ll need to identify the cell number you want to replace with your vanity phone number. You’ll want to decide if you want a toll-free prefix and what vanity phone number provider you want to use.

The main difference between a custom phone number and a traditional landline number is that numbers run on the internet. For that reason, they are sometimes called VoIP phones (Voice Over Internet Protocol). 

Traditionally, VoIP phones are cheaper than plans from traditional phone companies, and they give you the ability to create vanity numbers in a way that service providers typically don’t.

Find a VoIP Phone Plan

Next, you need to find a phone plan that will actually allow you to make phone calls from your virtual phone number. Most number providers offer a basic membership package that is billed monthly. However, you can typically add a custom vanity number for just a one-time fee.

Apply For Your Vanity Number

Through your phone carrier, you’ll need to apply for a toll-free vanity phone number before it gets approved. The reason for this is that the number cannot already be taken.

Additionally, it must be checked to ensure that the number is appropriate and does not contain foul language. Using a number search tool on a service like or a simple Google search can help you save time in this step. 

This process can take around ten business days. Once it gets approved, you can use your custom phone number to make it easy for people to reach out to you while still maintaining your privacy.

Can You Forward Calls to Your Vanity Number?

If you receive a call on your vanity number, you might also want to set up call recording or call forwarding to your other devices so you never miss a thing. The good news is that most VoIP providers allow you to set up forwarding rules, which makes it easy to get call and SMS notifications across your personal devices.

The Importance of Custom Phone Numbers

A custom phone number can let you make new friends and connections while also making you feel more comfortable in a new community. If you’re looking to get a secondary custom phone number, you can use the Burner mobile app to choose your own area code and receive a second private number that protects you from hackers and spam.

However, you can also get a vanity number that allows you to use any set of digits that you want. Most business owners use it to turn their number into a catchy slogan — like 1-800-FLOWERS — to make the brand easily recognizable. 

However, Burner gives you the tools to build your personal brand with friends, family, or new faces with a modest monthly fee. No matter what you choose, a vanity or custom phone number can have many benefits following an easy setup process.

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