Get a 305 Area Code Phone Number Today

Get a 305 Area Code Phone Number Today

Florida is the third most populated state in America. Close to 21.5 million people call the “Sunshine State” home.

The only states that have more people are California and Texas. Despite having such a large population, Florida is only the 26th biggest state in terms of land mass. California is over 100,000 square miles bigger, and Texas is 200,000 square miles bigger. The point is that over in the Eastern Time Zone, a lot of people live in Florida, and almost all of them have a phone number.

There are currently 18 different area codes being used throughout Florida. A few decades ago, Florida only needed a single area code (305) to serve its residents. Obviously, that’s not the case anymore, as one number isn’t enough to serve 21.5 million phones. The original 305 area code is still in use, but the service area is solely in Miami-Dade County and peppered throughout the iconic Florida Keys. 

It’s become such a coveted area code, personifying the vibrant Miami culture and lifestyle, that it’s pretty prominent in pop culture, too. Why else do you think Pitbull refers to himself as Mr. 305?

Despite its prominence in pop culture, it’s still pretty hard to snag a 305 number, as they’re few and far between if you try to get one on your own. But that’s what we’re here for.

About Miami

Surf, sun, and some of the world’s hottest restaurants all come to mind when thinking about the 305 area code. Serving all of Miami, there’s a lot to discover within the 305 area code. Millions of people from around the world travel to Miami each year to experience the American paradise.

Popular hotspots include the stunning waterfront views along South Beach, the pastel-hued Art Deco buildings that line Ocean Drive, and numerous eateries serving some of the country’s best Latin food in Little Havana, Coral Springs, and Homestead. Just off the coast of Florida are Key West, Key Largo, Key Biscayne, and more stunning islands. 

When exploring within the confines of the 305 area code, you’re never at a loss for breathtaking beauty, whether it be the colorful murals that are splattered all over Wynwood or the miles and miles of sand that stretch up and down Miami’s coast, providing the perfect spot for a sunset or romp in the sea.

You can find pretty much anything in Miami except for snow, ice, and cold temperatures.

What Region Uses the 305 Area Code?

The 305 area code was actually one of the first area codes created back in the 1940s, and it served the entire state of Florida. It wasn’t until the 1950s that the state began to separate off into subsections and subsequently add more area codes.

After experiencing rapid growth in South Florida and an increase in the popularity of cell phones and pagers, the 305 area code was nearly completely exhausted. In 1995, area code 305 was split when area code 954 was created for Miami’s neighbor of Fort Lauderdale. In 1998, area code 786 was created as an overlay for 305. 

Area code 305 covers all of Miami, Florida, Miami-Dade County (population 2,496,435), and the Florida Keys, which are located in Monroe County (population 73,090).

How Can You Get a 305 Area Code?

Stretching from Hialeah to Miami Gardens and over to Miami Beach, Kendall, and Homestead, the 305 area code serves over 2.5 million Floridians from over 50 different cities, including:

  • Miami (399,457)
  • Hialeah (224,669)
  • Miami Gardens (107,167)
  • Miami Beach (87,779)
  • Kendall (75,371)
  • Homestead (60,512)
  • Fontainebleau (59,764)
  • North Miami (58,785)
  • Kendale Lakes (56,148)
  • Doral (45,704)
  • North Miami Beach (41,253)
  • Cutler Bay (40,286)

In the old days, it would have been pretty easy to get a 305 area code as the entire state of Florida was using it. It’s a little more challenging now since 18 area codes are being used throughout the state. Challenging but not impossible.

You’ll have a few different options to choose from. However, one option is the most worthwhile — creating the appearance of local calling and messaging without needing to necessarily live in this major city. 

Talk With Your Phone Service Provider

Updating a phone number to a new area code is a common request for phone service providers. Millions of people move every year and take their cell phones with them.

One easy way to embrace their new community is to use a local area code. The phone service providers are more than happy to accommodate this request and usually do so for free. Just look up the area code you need, call them up, and tell them the one you want; they’ll do their best to help you. 

The main issue with this option is that you’ll permanently lose access to your current phone number. That means updating all of your contacts and online profiles. Perhaps it’s not a big deal if you’re moving to Miami and plan on staying. However, that’s quite a permanent sacrifice just to temporarily have access to a 305 area code.

That’s even assuming that there are any 305 numbers available. Remember that 305 has been in use since before the start of the Cold War. The odds of there being an open 305 number are very low, to say the least. It’s much more likely that your phone service provider will issue you a 786 area code instead. 

Buy a Phone in Miami

Landlines are given their area codes based on their address. It’s a little different with cell phones, as their entire purpose is to be mobile. Cell phone area codes are actually issued based on where the phone is bought and activated. That’s how your current phone number received its unique area code. So traveling to Miami, buying a new phone, and setting it up could land you a 305 area code. 

There are a few issues with this plan, but the most obvious is the cost. Miami isn’t known for being a cheap destination. You’ll probably have to spend at least a few hundred dollars to make the trip. That’s not even counting the cost of the new phone and the increase in your monthly bill. Is a 310 area code worth spending upwards of a thousand dollars? 

Also, you’re almost certainly going to be assigned the overlay area code of 786 instead of 310. You can call your phone service provider just like in the first option, but the odds of success will be low.

Even if you did get a 310 number, now you’ve got to switch between using two phones. You’ll have to carry around another phone, keep both of them charged, and handle twice the calls. To say this option is inconvenient would be quite an understatement. 

Download the Burner App

The last option on this list is unlike the others. It’s guaranteed to work and doesn't come with any unwanted side effects. All that you have to do is download the Burner app, set up an account, and you’ll have a 305 area code within a few minutes. It’s pretty much impossible to find an option that’s cheaper and more convenient than that. 

The way that Burner works is pretty simple. First, you enter the specific area code that you want. Then, you’ll be given a list of randomly generated phone numbers that feature that area code.

You choose which one you want, and you’ll be given access to it when you complete the process. Any calls or texts sent to that number will be rerouted through Burner and transferred to your phone.

You don’t have to drop your current number. You don’t have to travel anywhere. You don’t have to juggle two phones. It’s two numbers for one phone, and it only costs a few dollars a month. If you no longer need your 305 area code, then you can “burn” it for a new one or cancel service altogether. It’s just that easy.

The Takeaway

The Miami area is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Millions of people will travel there every year to experience the breathtaking natural and manmade attractions. To avoid looking like just another tourist, you’re going to need a 305 area code. 

It should be clear by now that downloading Burner is the best option for getting a 305 number. Permanently changing your number or buying a new phone comes with way too many downsides.

Besides, both options are unlikely to work anyway since there are so few 305 numbers available. Burner is guaranteed to work and doesn’t have the undesirable side effects that come with other options.  

Visit Burner today to learn more and start your free seven-day trial. Using a different area code when you’re in Miami would be as strange to the locals as trying to build a snowman. It’s the first step toward becoming a part of the Miami community. 


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