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About San Francisco

Area code 415 spans about 46 miles to cover the San Francisco Bay area and is inclusive of some of Northern California’s most-loved landmarks. Most notably, the Golden Gate Bridge - which stretches one mile to connect San Francisco Bay with the Pacific Ocean. Bridges aside, the 415 area code is also home to over 220 parks, such as Alamo Square, which is known for being a popular location in film and pop culture. While in San Francisco, you can also catch a San Francisco Giants Game at Oracle Park, listen to world-renowned opera singers at The War Memorial Opera House, or enjoy some fresh seafood in Fisherman’s Wharf.

Areas Served

Area code 415 serves two counties of Northern California - San Francisco County and Marin County. Stretching from just south of Brisbane to the north near Dillon Beach, this area code covers the populous center of the metro area of San Francisco, including the Financial District, while Marin County to the north is smaller both in size and population and is often touted as the most affluent county in the United States. Marin County also boasts many natural attractions.

The History of 415

The History of 415

The 415 area code was one of the first of three area codes established in California, debuting in 1947, and originally covering central California, from Sacramento to Bakersfield. A little more than a decade later, the area code stretched north to Oregon via the North Coast and was shortened from Sacramento south. By 1953, 415 was the official area code of the entire Bay Area. However, as the Bay Area population grew, the 415 area code was forced to sector off into smaller regions and divide into several area codes - once in 1959 to cover San Jose and the South Bay to area code 408, once in 1991 to cover the East Bay to area code 510, and lastly in 1997 as a division between San Francisco and San Mateo county to area code 650. In 2015, San Francisco remained one of the largest cities where seven-digit dialing was the norm, and the need for even more numbers arose, so area code 628 was brought in to overlay 415.

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