Get a 310 Area Code Phone Number Today

Get a 310 Area Code Phone Number Today

The state of California is the third largest state in terms of land area. While Alaska and Texas might be much bigger, California blows them away in terms of population. More than 39.5 million people call “The Golden State” home. That’s ten million more people than Texas and roughly 38.8 million more than Alaska.

The vast majority of California residents have a phone number. You can probably imagine that means a lot of area codes. To be exact, it means 38 different area codes are currently being used. To put that number in perspective, 30 states only use five area codes or less. 

Trying to get a specific area code can be challenging, especially for prestigious major cities. The population and numerous area codes will mean there are a lot of factors involved when taking advantage of the area code map. 

The good news is that you have several options at your disposal. The bad news is that a lot of them come with strings attached. But the best news is that there’s one way that will guarantee you a 310 area code. No need to look up your options; we gathered all the information below:

About West L.A.

West Los Angeles officially starts at La Cienega Boulevard and runs all the way to the Pacific Ocean, which makes sense, considering it’s in the Pacific Time Zone. The 310 area code is home to some of the most recognized landmarks along the west coast. The majority of what people think about when they picture Southern California is located in the West L.A. area. 

Beautiful beaches stretch along the 310 area coastline, including Santa Monica beach with the popular Santa Monica Pier, where one can find fair rides, California-classic beach food, and watch surfers catch waves. Venice Beach, Malibu, and Marina del Rey all boast spectacular coastline views, each offering its own unique slice of life to tourists and locals alike.

Inland, the 310 area code offers an array of other attractions by way of shopping on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, nightlife in West Hollywood, and mountain views in Topanga. 

What Region Is Serviced by Area Code 310?

The original plan for Southern California was for the entire area to use the 213 area code. It didn’t take long before the available numbers ran out, and more area codes were needed.

In late 1991, as Los Angeles County residents increased, there was a need for a new area code, and 310 was introduced to split the area covered by 213. Six years later, a still-increasing population led to the creation of another area code split off of 310, area code 562. 

In 1999, as Los Angeles’ population neared 3.7 million, the California Public Utilities Commission proposed an additional area code overlay for the 310 area to increase the number of available telephone numbers for the still-growing population.

In locations where area codes are overlaid, users must dial the specific 3-digit area code in addition to the telephone number, rather than the previous process, which involved just dialing the 7-digit telephone number.

Many Los Angelinos found 10-digit dialing disadvantageous. After seven years of community uproar to stave off the overlay, area code 424 was introduced in 2006 to overlay area code 310.

How Can You Get a 310 Area Code?

The 310 now runs north up the coast, west of Long Beach all the way up to just north of South Beach. The area code is also inclusive of Santa Catalina Island, located about 26 miles south of the main portion of Los Angeles County. 

More than 50 cities and neighborhoods use the 310 area code, including: 

  • Los Angeles (3,762,621)
  • Torrance (145,438)
  • Compton (96,455)
  • Carson (91,714)
  • Santa Monica (89,736)
  • Hawthorne (84,293)
  • Culver City (39,970)
  • Beverly Hills (31,896)
  • Malibu (10,429)
  • Marina del Rey (10,065)

Trying to get a specific area code is easier than you might think. You’ll actually have a few different options to choose from. While all of them have the chance to get you a 310 California area code, there’s one way that stands out. 

Call Your Phone Service Provider

One of the best things about the United States is that you can move anywhere that you want, anytime you want. Every year, millions of Americans relocate to a place that has a different area code. Even moving such a short distance, like from Inglewood or the Pacific Palisades or Ventura County, could change an area code from 310 to 805. 

It’s common for them to want to update their area code as a way to join their new community. As a result, many phone service providers will let you do it free of charge. Just call them up, tell them where you’re moving, and they’ll give you a number with a local area code. 

The biggest issue with this option is that you’ll have to give up your current number. The people in your contact list and your online accounts will all need to be updated on the change. Once you give up your number, you’ll lose access to it permanently. 

Another big problem is that there probably aren’t any free numbers available for the 310 area code. Remember that it went into service when the Soviet Union was still a thing. So many people were assigned a 310 area code that it needed an overlay in 2006, and it's due for another one soon. It’s highly unlikely that your phone service provider can give a 310 area code, and you might have to settle for another one. 

Plus, plenty of cities have overlaps in terms of area codes. For example, Hermosa Beach, Gardena, and Manhattan Beach are both 310 and 424. So, moving to such locations (including Redondo Beach and Lomita) doesn’t guarantee a 310 local number; it could very well be 424. 

Buy a Phone in West L.A.

You already know that area codes aren’t assigned at random. They’re based on the location of the phone. For landlines, that’s as simple as looking up the address of the residence for business. Obviously, that’s not an option for cell phones; instead, it’s based on where the phone is bought and set up.

That means buying a new phone in one of the coastal cities of L.A. can land you a 310 area code. All you would have to do is travel to West L.A., buy a new phone, and activate it while you’re there. It shouldn’t be too difficult to picture the potential downsides of this plan.

The first flaw with this method is that it’ll cost you quite a bit. Depending on where you live, you might have to travel a long way to get to the L.A. coast. Travel expenses are just the tip of the iceberg as you’ll also have to buy a new phone. It doesn’t get any cheaper with time, as you’ll more than likely be doubling your monthly phone bill.

Another major problem is that you probably won’t get a 310 area code to start. You’ll be assigned the first free number that’s available, which is unlikely to be a 310 number. You can call your service provider and specifically request a 310 area code, but then you’ll be in the same boat as the first option. 

Even if you do succeed, the reward is that you’ll now have to juggle between two phones. You risk messaging someone from the wrong number.

Plus, it’s twice the space in your pocket being used. Twice the charging cables. Twice the phone calls. Twice the odds for a broken screen. Saying this option is inconvenient would be a massive understatement. 

Download the Burner App

We’ve saved the best option for last as downloading Burner is easily better than the other two methods. Using Burner will not only guarantee you a 310 area code, but it will also be more convenient and less expensive than the other options. You soon understand that Burner gives you all of the perks and none of the downsides.

The way that it works is simple. First, you enter the area code of your choice. Once you do, you’ll be given a list of randomly generated numbers with that area code. You’ll pick whichever one you like the best and be given access to it whenever you complete the process. All calls and texts made to this number will be rerouted through Burner and transferred to your cell phone. 

You don’t lose your current number, need to travel to L.A., or manage multiple phones. It’s as simple as two phone numbers with one phone. All it costs is a few dollars a month. You’ll have the option to change your number if you ever need to or cancel service when you no longer need the extra number.

All the perks. None of the downsides.

The Takeaway

The beaches of West Los Angeles are among the most beautiful in the world. Watching the sun set into the Pacific Ocean is a breathtaking experience that millions of people in L.A. witness every day. The 310 area code is another daily encounter for the people who call the “City of Angels” their home. If you want to blend in with the locals, you’re going to need a 310 area code.

You should see by now that downloading Burner is the easiest way to get a 310 number. The other methods are more inconvenient, more expensive, and much less likely to work. With Burner, you can have a 310 area code in a few minutes and start your free seven-day trial. You won’t find a faster or cheaper option than that.

Visit Burner today so that you can learn more about how it works and create your account. It’s the first step toward becoming a part of the west L.A. community. 


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