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About Boston

History lovers, rejoice! The 617 area code covers some of the most historic sites in the entire country. Sure, people know and love Boston for its relation to Fenway Park, to the bar in Cheers, and for delicious baked beans, but there’s more to the 617 area code than just baseball and beans. Stroll around the blooming oasis that is the Boston Public Garden or walk the Freedom Trail before checking out Boston Common. The Boston Public Market is a fantastic spot to shop for fresh food before continuing to explore the area. And, don’t leave the 617 without paying a visit to Samuel Adams or the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum to understand the true historical significance of this unique American city.

Areas Served

The 617 area code stretches to reach all the way down in Quincy in the southeast and then over to Hyde Park, Riverdale, and Dedham Islands in the west. In the northwest, it borders Newton, and in the east, it covers all of Boston and the surrounding cities such as Cambridge, Chelsea, and Boston.

The History of 617

The History of 617

As one of the original area codes that were introduced as part of the 1947 North American Numbering Plan, the 617 area code is definitely one of the oldest in the country. When first used in 1947, it served the areas of Worcester County all the way to Cape Cod and the entire South Coast of Massachusetts. Interestingly enough, Massachusetts, at the time, was the only state in New England to be split into two in this manner. The 617 area code covered the South Coast and up near Cape Cod while the 413 area code served the rest of the state out towards the wet. In 1988, however, the 617 area code was spit for the first time, and then again later in 1997. This meant that the 617 area code now served only the city of Boston and the surrounding suburbs such as Quincy, Cambridge, and Newton. After nearing exhaustion at the turn of the century, they overlaid the 857 area code with the 617 area code. This means that today, you’ll find that about 65% of phone numbers in Greater Boston have a 617 area code and the rest are assigned 857 numbers.

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