Get a 617 Area Code Phone Number Today

Get a 617 Area Code Phone Number Today

The state of Massachusetts currently uses nine different area codes. The western sections are serviced by 413, northern areas by 978, and southern parts by 508. 

The service map gets a little tricky in the eastern areas. The 781 area code covers a large portion of the eastern parts and coastline, and you’ll find the remaining five area codes in the middle of this region, including 617. 

617 is the primary area code of Boston and the surrounding areas. The 617 area code stretches down to Quincy in the southeast and then over to Hyde Park, Riverdale, and Dedham Islands in the west. In the northwest, it borders Newton, and in the east, it covers all of Boston and the surrounding cities such as Cambridge, Chelsea, and Boston.

More than 2.3 million people are living within the 617 service area. That’s a lot of people to contend with when trying to get a 617 area code. Fortunately, you can get a 617 local number in a few different ways.  

About Boston

History lovers, rejoice. The 617 area code covers some of the most historic sites in the entire country. What is there to say about Boston that you haven’t already heard? “Beantown'' is well known worldwide and easily one of the most recognizable cities in the United States. Practically every corner in Boston is littered with historical landmarks and monuments. It’s impossible to overstate the historical significance of Boston, Massachusetts

Boston isn’t just some old city that reached its peak in Revolutionary times. It’s still one of the most important cities in the world and possibly the best city in America. Sure, people know and love Boston for its relation to Fenway Park, the bar in Cheers, and delicious baked beans, but there’s more to the 617 area code than just baseball and beans. 

Stroll around the blooming oasis, the Boston Public Garden, or walk the Freedom Trail before checking out Boston Common. The Boston Public Market is a fantastic spot to shop for fresh food before continuing to explore the area. 

Additionally, you can’t leave the 617 without paying a visit to Samuel Adams or the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum to understand the true historical significance of this unique American city.

Where Is Area Code 617 Used?

As one of the original area codes introduced as part of the 1947 North American Numbering Plan, the 617 area code is one of the oldest in the country. When first used in 1947, it served the areas of Worcester County to Cape Cod and the entire South Coast of Massachusetts. 

The History of 617

Interestingly enough, Massachusetts, at the time, was the only state in New England to be split into two in this manner. The 617 area code covered the South Coast and up near Cape Cod, while the 413 area code served the rest of the state out towards the west. In 1988, however, the 617 area code was split for the first time, and then again later in 1997. 

This meant that the 617 area code now served only the city of Boston and the surrounding suburbs such as Winthrop, Cambridge, and Newton. 

After nearing exhaustion at the turn of the century, they overlaid the 857 area code with the 617 area code. This means that today, you’ll find that about 65% of phone numbers in Greater Boston have a 617 area code, and the rest are assigned 857 numbers.

Three countries use the 617 area code: Middlesex County (population 1,03,085), Suffolk County (722,023), and Norfolk County (670,850). Boston is the major city in the 617 as it has a population of 617,594 people. However, these are a few of the highly populated areas that also use the 617 area code: 

  • Cambridge 
  • Quincy 
  • Newton 
  • Somerville 
  • Brookline 
  • Everett 
  • Chelsea 
  • Milton
  • Belmont

Counties with the 617 Area Code

Three countries use the 617 area code: Middlesex County (population 1,03,085), Suffolk County (722,023), and Norfolk County (670,850). Boston is the major city in the 617 as it has a population of 617,594 people.

However, these are a few of the highly populated areas that also use the 617 area code: 

  • Cambridge 
  • Quincy 
  • Newton 
  • Somerville 
  • Brookline 
  • Everett 
  • Chelsea 
  • Milton
  • Belmont
  • Charlestown
  • Waltham
  • Winthrop
  • Brighton
  • Watertown
  • East Boston and South Boston
  • Jamaica Plain
  • Needham
  • Saugus
  • Woburn
  • Malden
  • Dorchester
  • Braintree
  • Mattapan
  • Melrose
  • Newtonville
  • West Roxbury
  • Weymouth

How Do You Get a 617 Area Code?

You can get a phone number with a 617 area code in several ways. Not every option is guaranteed to work, and most will require a bit of luck. 

However, getting a 617 area code isn’t too hard as long as you choose the best method. These are the three best options for getting a 617 area code:

Talk With Your Phone Service Provider

It’s pretty standard for people to change their phone numbers. Usually, it’s because they’ve moved to a new location, but there can be a long list of reasons. Most major phone service providers are willing to give you a new number.

Most of the time, they won’t even charge you an extra fee. Just call them up, ask for a new number, and tell them that you want a 617 area code. 

The main problem with this option is that you’ll unlikely get a 617 area code. Remember that the 617 area code has been around since before the creation of Israel. 

It’s improbable that there are any 617 numbers open, given the area code’s age and the serviceable population. It’s more likely that you will end up with an area code of 857 or 781 instead. 

Even if you get a 617 number, you’ll have some work to do next. A new number means updating the information on your online accounts and informing everyone on your contact list. That’s quite a bit of work just to get a specific area code. 

Buy a New Phone in Boston

Landlines are naturally given their area codes based on where the address falls on the service map. Cell phones are more tricky as their entire purpose is to be mobile. 

For that reason, the area code for cell phones is assigned based on where the phone is purchased and set up. Traveling to Boston, buying a new phone, and setting it up while you’re there could potentially give you a 617 area code. 

You can probably already see the most significant flaws with this plan. For starters, you would likely have to spend a few hundred dollars at the very least. 

The cost of travel expenses, buying a new phone, and putting it on your service plan will add up fast. You’ll be spending quite a bit of money just to have a minimal chance of getting a 617 area code. 

If the new phone gets a 617 area code, you’ve just doubled your responsibilities for owning a phone. 

Monthly payments will go up; you’ll need to carry around two phones and be sure to charge them at night. Having a single phone can be quite a hassle, so adding another one to the mix will only increase your stress.  

Download the Burner App

The other options on this list will only allow you to land a 617 area code. With Burner, you’re guaranteed to receive one. The first step after downloading the app is selecting the area code you want

Once you type in 617, you’ll be given a list of randomly generated numbers. Select the one you want, finish the process, and be on your way.

No new numbers. No new phones. No high costs. You’ll simply have two different phone numbers on your current device. 

Anytime someone calls or texts the 617 number, it will be rerouted through Burner and transferred to your phone for free. The person on the other end of the line will be none the wiser.

If you wish to discard your number, you can “burn” it and receive a new one. You can choose the 617 area code again or use a different one if you like. It’s just simple. 

The Takeaway

Boston is easily one of the most important cities in the United States and is well-known worldwide. 

The people of Boston are notoriously passionate about their city and are fiercely loyal to it. If you want to expand your business into “Beantown,” you will need an authentic Boston area code. The majority of Bostonians would most likely ignore anything outside a 617. 

It should be clear that downloading Burner is the best option for getting a 617 area code. It’s the only guaranteed way to get a 617 area code, more convenient than changing your number, and much cheaper than buying a new phone. 

On top of all that, it’s less permanent than these other options, as you can change your number or cancel service anytime. Burner wins the competition between these three by a landslide. 

Visit Burner today to learn more and download the app. You can receive your 617 area code and start your free seven-day trial today. Before long, you’ll be drinking a Sam Adams, watching the Red Sox game, and dropping the “R” when you talk. 


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