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About Downtown Los Angeles

Serving Central Los Angeles and its iconic Historic Downtown, the 213 area code is home to some of the world’s hottest restaurants, stunning landmarks, and easily the most impressive views of the City of Angels. From Chinatown, all the way over to Exposition Park, the 213 area code might be one of the smallest area codes in the country, but it’s packed full of things to do and see. Indulge in hipster heaven as you discover hidden treasures in Echo Park, visit the Walt Disney Concert Hall, or spend the day shopping as you traverse the streets of the Fashion District. One thing’s for sure, exploring the 213 area code is never boring and is, we might add, full of bright lights and big city vibes.

Areas Served

After the approval of an overlay plan in 2017, the 213 area code now serves people all over Central Los Angeles. This means that the 213 area code stretches to cover people from Downtown Los Angeles to the Hollywood Hills and in-between, including Highland Park, Lincoln Heights, South Gate, South Los Angeles, and even neighboring cities such as Huntington Park, Montebello, and Bell.

The History of 213

The History of 213

For as big as it is, the county of Los Angeles is home to quite a few area codes, with the 310 area code being the most prominent for hotspots such as Beverly Hills, Malibu, and Santa Monica. However, the 213 area code is the only area code specifically serving Downtown Los Angeles and the surrounding neighborhoods. Before being added to an overlay plan in 2017, the 213 area code was one of the smallest area codes in the country, serving only Downtown Los Angeles and surrounding neighborhoods such as Echo Park, Exposition Park, Westlake, and Koreatown. However, due to the availability of 213 numbers, the California Public Utilities Commission has made it possible for service providers to assign a 213 number to anybody within the limits of Central Los Angeles. Now, anybody from Baldwin Hills to the Hollywood Hills can request a 213 number. And, it’s become so popular that even Chuck the Condor, the Los Angeles Clippers mascot, wears the number on his jersey.

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