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About New York City

The Big Apple, the City that Never Sleeps, or the Capital of the World. Whatever you want to call it, New York City is an iconic destination that’s so large they had to assign numerous area codes to serve its residents. From the 212 area code to the 917 area code, there’s a lot of debate about which is best, but let’s not forget about the 347 area code. It stretches from Brooklyn all the way over to Staten Island and even the Bronx. This means that if you’re keen on exploring the 347 area code, you can visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, marvel at the animals at the Bronx Zoo, or even check out New York City’s largest Chinatown in the Flushing neighborhood of Queens. After all, it is the City that Never Sleeps, meaning that there’s always something to do in the 347 area code.

Areas Served

The 347 area code serves all of New York City minus Manhattan Island, which is serviced primarily by the 212 and 917 area codes. While the 347 area code covers a lot of ground, you’ll find it mostly for numbers in Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Queens. Area codes 347, 718, and 929 are all part of an overlay plan with the 917 area code, serving 8 million people throughout New York City and the surrounding suburbs.

The History of 347

The History of 347

The 347 area code is actually one of the newest area codes in New York City and was only used beginning in October of 1999. Stemming from the 718 area code, the 347 area code was created to further serve the millions of New York City residents and businesses that were signing up for both landline and mobile cellphone services. This meant that newer cellphone and landline customers began to receive numbers with the 347 area code in 1999, giving it a bit of cultural significance; newer transplants to New York City oftentimes had the 347 area code while native locals and “classic” New Yorkers often clung to their 212 and 917 numbers. It wasn’t until 2009 when the New York Public Service Commission had to introduce another overlay code due to the near exhaustion of the 347 number. This means that today, you’ll find the 347 area code alongside the 718 and 929 area codes being used for New York City boroughs outside of Manhattan. Marble Hill is excluded in this, despite legally being a part of the Manhattan borough.

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