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About Los Angeles

Los Angeles central and its gateway cities, which are covered by the 323 area code, include some of the west coast’s most popular attractions. Strolling down the 15 blocks of Hollywood’s Walk of Fame ensures you’ll get a taste of the entertainment industry’s biggest characters - from stars embedded in the sidewalks to brushing shoulders with celebrities at Madame Tussauds world-famous wax museum. Outside of busy central LA, popular attractions include strolling The Huntington Library Gardens in Pasadena or eating and shopping like a local on Melrose Ave in West Hollywood - two areas also homed in area code 323.

Areas Served

Along with serving central Los Angeles county, the 323 area code also serves several gateway cities of the region, including Monterey Park, Pasadena, and West Hollywood. The area code stretches from as far west as Beverly Hills, through East LA, and all the way east to just slightly past Montebello.

The History of 323

The History of 323

Area code 323 was introduced in 1998, as an addition to the state’s original area code, 213, to support the ever-growing Los Angeles population. With this split, area code 323 became the primary area code for most of Los Angeles County, leaving area code 213 to cover just Downtown Los Angeles and its immediately adjoining neighborhoods such as Chinatown. As more than 2 million people migrated to the Los Angeles area across the 2010s, the 323 area code was quickly eaten up and set to run out by 2017. However, since the original 213 was initially reduced to cover such a small portion of the county, it eventually became an overlay for the 323 area code - and today Los Angelenos still have the option to acquire either a 323 area code or 213 area code. . . for now.

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