Get a 214 Area Code Phone Number Today

Get a 214 Area Code Phone Number Today

You probably already know that the state of Texas is massive, to say the least. Texas has a land area of 261,914 square miles which is second only to Alaska. Texas is so big that you could fit New York, Florida, Michigan, and Colorado inside and still have some room left over. 

With such a large area, it should come as no surprise that Texas needs several area codes. Texas currently uses 27 different area codes with nine overlays (all on Central Time). If population trends continue, it's very likely that even more will be put into service. 

Area code 214 is one of the oldest area codes in the country and has been serving the greater Dallas area for decades (with the +1 prefix that denotes the USA). If you’re looking to expand your business into the Dallas area, having a 214 area code will go a long way toward establishing local roots. 

About Dallas

Welcome to the Big D! The 214 area code covers the Texas-sized city of Dallas, well-known for the Dallas Cowboys, the Texas State Fair, and Walker, Texas Ranger. As you’d expect from any major city in Texas, the 214 area code is packed with Lone Star State-sized fun and numerous things to do and see.

Starting out in Downtown Dallas, an adventure in the 214 area code isn’t complete without visiting the Nasher Sculpture Center and the Dallas Museum of Art. Then, you can quench your thirst for craft beer and trendy digs in Deep Ellum before learning about JFK at the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza. No evening in the 214 area code is complete without a stroll through Klyde Warren Park and a gaze across the stunning skyline from Reunion Tower

Where Is the 214 Service Area?

The 214 area code currently serves Dallas County and an eastern portion of neighboring Tarrant County. While it shares coverage with the 972 area code, the 214 area code is most prominent in the cities of Dallas County and Collin County. It primarily serves the cities of Dallas, Plano, Garland, Irving, and Mesquite. It stretches, however, to smaller towns such as Prosper, Seagoville, and even Lucas, Texas.

As one of the country’s first area codes used back in 1947, the 214 area code has covered Texans for years. Originally, it stretched to serve residents and businesses all the way from Fort Worth in the west to the Arkansas and Louisiana borders in the east.

The Fort Worth area would split off a few years later in 1953 when the area code 817 was created. It wasn’t until 1990 that the 214 area code was split off to accommodate more phone numbers. 

Area Code Map: Changes Made

Due to the rapid expansion of one of Texas's biggest cities, the 972 area code was introduced to help serve more numbers. Today it’s used in conjunction with the 214 area code to serve over nine million people and some of Dallas’ top Fortune 500 companies.

More recently, the 945 area code was implemented as an additional overlay in January 2021. While there currently isn’t any boundary or line regarding the assignment of a 214, 972, or 945 number, locals associate 214 numbers with classic Dallas. 

The History of 214

Counties That Use the 214 Area Code

Six counties use the 214 area code, including Dallas (population 2,368,139), Collin (782,341), Denton (662,614), Ellis (149,610), Kaufman (103,350), and Rockwall (78,337). Dallas is the biggest city that uses a 214 area code as it boasts a population of 1,197,816, but here are some other large cities that also use it:

  • Plano (259,841)
  • Garland (226,876)
  • Irving (216,290)
  • Grand Prairie (175,396)
  • Mesquite (139,824)
  • Mckinney (131,117)
  • Lewisville (95,920)
  • Allen (84,246)

How Can You Get a 214 Area Code?

Trying to get a specific area code is probably easier than you think. There are several different ways that you can get a 214 area code. However, it will be pretty clear in a few moments that one of them is easier and more cost-effective.

Reach Out to Your Phone Service Provider

It’s fairly common for people to want to update their area code whenever they move. Nothing quite makes you look like an outsider when you’re the only person in town with a different area code.

Most phone service providers are more than willing to give customers a new area code when they request it. It usually only takes a few minutes and is almost always free of charge. 

The biggest problem with choosing this method is that you’ll permanently lose access to your old number. Your phone service provider will give you a new number that’s not being used and recycle your old one. That means you’ll need to update all of your online accounts and inform all of your contacts to use your new number.

That’s assuming that there’s an open phone number with a 214 area code. Remember that 214 began service when a gallon of gas cost 15 cents, a new car cost $1,300, and a new house cost $6,600. 

It’s highly unlikely that there are any 214 area codes available. It’s not even like that you’ll get one of the overlay area codes of 972 or 469. The most likely outcome is that you’ll have to settle for a 945 area code instead.

Buy a New Phone In Dallas

Cell phones are assigned their area codes based on two criteria: where it’s bought and where it's set up. The reason that you have your current area code is because of these two pieces of information.

That means that traveling to Dallas, buying a new phone, and setting up while you’re there can result in you being given a 214 area code. 

It shouldn’t be too difficult to see the potential flaws in this plan. For starters, you’ll have roughly the same odds of being assigned a 214 area code as you would by changing your number.

It’s way more likely that you’ll be given a 945 area code (associated with Waxahachie, Rockwall, Wylie, and more) for your new phone. Even if you do receive a 214 number, you’ll now have to juggle between two different phones. You can probably imagine how annoying that will be when dialing, messaging, and checking voicemails — you don’t want to make any mistakes here. 

The other major issue is that you’ll be spending quite a bit of money. Unless you live in Dallas, you’ll have to pay for travel expenses to and from the area. You’ll be looking at a few hundred dollars easily after you add in the cost of the phone and put it on your service plan. That’s quite a bit of money and inconvenience just to have a specific area code.

Download the Burner App

The best option for getting a 214 area code is to simply download the Burner app. The first step in the process is to enter the specific area code that you want.

Once you do, you’ll be given a list of randomly generated phone numbers that use that area code. You pick which one you want, and you’ll be given access to it. Any texts or calls made to that number will be rerouted through Burner and transferred to your cell phone. It’s just that simple. 

You won’t have to settle for a different area code. You won’t have to travel anywhere or spend a lot of money. You won’t have to carry around an extra phone. You’ll have two numbers on one phone, and it will only cost you the equivalent of a cup of coffee each month.

You can cancel service at any time or “burn” your current number and get a new one. The other options on this list don’t offer anywhere near that level of freedom. 

The Takeaway

There are few cities in the “Lone Star State'' as instantly recognizable as Dallas. Millions of people from around the world travel to Dallas every year; several thousand wind up moving there permanently.

The population increases are so large that Dallas uses four different area codes now. However, long-time Dallas residents know which area code is “authentic Dallas,” and it’s 214.

If you’re looking for a 214 area code, then you have a few different options. However, the decision should be pretty obvious. Changing your number or buying a new phone is expensive, inconvenient, and not likely to work. Downloading Burner is the only way to guarantee a 214 area code and avoid any negative side effects. 

Visit Burner today to start your free seven-day trial. You’ll be able to have a 214 area code in no time and fit right in with the “authentic” residents of Dallas. 


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