What Is a Sneaky Link Application? — An Overview

What Is a Sneaky Link Application? — An Overview
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If you have a TikTok or similar social media account, you may have encountered the phrase “sneaky link” that’s been popping up in recent trending videos and posts. So, what is a sneaky link, and better yet, what is a sneaky link application?

In short, a sneaky link refers to a hookup that goes on behind closed doors. No one knows about it except for you and anyone else directly involved. What is a sneaky link application, then?

This term refers to an app used to facilitate sneaky links. People have many different reasons for using these apps, including arranging a casual fling or even just making a platonic connection — that’s right, not all sneaky links are sexual in nature.

Using a sneaky link application comes with some risks, as you can imagine. Catfishing, identity theft, and other threats are all rampant on apps like these. That’s why it’s essential to know how a sneaky link works, what to expect from the major sneaky link applications, and how to protect yourself from the scams.

Whether you’re interested in a sneaky link yourself or just curious about this piece of TikTok slang, we have all the information you need.

What Is a Sneaky Link Application?

The hashtag “sneaky link” has logged a few billion views across TikTok and other social media. It might even be in the tens of billions by now. The definition of a “sneaky link” is scandalous, to say the least. A “sneaky link” refers to a person that someone is secretly hooking up with. In other words, it’s the other half of a secret affair. It follows that a sneaky link application is a mobile app used to make a sneaky link happen.

The definition is fairly obvious when you break down the words involved. “Sneaky” means exactly what it always means: something that’s hidden from the view of the general public.

“Link” isn’t as easy to identify at first, but it makes immediate sense when you think about what “linking up” means. Linking up could easily be replaced with “meeting up,” “hanging out,” or “hooking up.” It’s pretty obvious when you break it down to the root, isn’t it?

It’s important to note that context is king when it comes to “sneaky links.” Slang terms are often redefined dozens of times, especially in the early days of arriving in the common parlance. 

Generally, a “sneaky link” is someone that you’re having a sexual relationship with (think "friends with benefits" but even more discreet). However, a “sneaky link” doesn’t always designate a relationship built around sex. It could just be someone that you’re friends with but don’t want others to know about. 

Where Did the Term “Sneaky Link” Come From?

The exact origin of the slang words is often lost to history. There’s no way to know who the very first person that used the term “sneaky link'' was.” However, we do know where it came from and how it spread around the world so quickly. The answer: a song made famous on TikTok.

The American rapper known as Hxllywood released a song by the name of “Sneaky Link 2.0” in October 2021. The track featured other big-name musicians, such as Soulja Boy and Kayla Nicole. One verse began with the lyrics, “Boy, you just my sneaky link, so don’t keep texting me.” The verse would instantly go viral on TikTok, with close to a million videos being created overlaying the audio clip.

As the term continues to spread, more and more users would create their own videos using the tag #sneakylink. These users would either confess their secret relationships or be coy about them and leave their followers curious. Regardless of what problems these confessions created, the word has been firmly established in the modern lexicon and isn't going away anytime soon. 

How Does a Sneaky Link Application Work?

The word “sneaky link” might be relatively new, but the concept has been around for a very long time. After all, “friends with benefits” was a thing way before the creators of TikTok were even born. 

The truth is that some people simply don’t want to engage in all of the responsibilities that come with a committed relationship. Instead, they opt for the best parts when the desire overtakes them and returns to their regular life when the deed is done.

Life is all about trying new things and discovering who you are as a person. If you subscribe to this lifestyle, you won’t find any judgment here.

You can find all kinds of sneaky link applications for iOS and Android. Tinder is well known for its ability to create hookups, but you have many options to choose from.

The only thing that you should always remember is that your protection is essential for any “sneaky link” that you encounter. Hopefully, you already know what that means in the physical sense, but you should also take steps to protect yourself in a digital sense as well. 

The Benefits of Using a Second Phone Number for Your Sneaky Link Applications

Using a sneaky link application can come with a long list of pros and cons. You never know who you’re going to meet online. It could be someone that becomes a “sneaky link” for a long time. It could be someone that you fall in love with and want to marry. It could be someone whom you have to file a restraining order against. Pretty much anything is possible.

That’s why it’s so important to use a second phone number for these online apps. You’ll still have the potential for all of the desirable outcomes of meeting someone online. But this way, you’ll be better protected against some of the undesirable outcomes too.

Here are three specific reasons why it’s a wise decision to use a second phone number for “sneaky links”:

  1. Keeps You Safe
  2. Protects You From Common Dating App Scams
  3. Separates Your Sneaky Links from Your Professional Life

Keeps You Safe

Safety should be the first priority anytime you match someone on an app. It can be easy to get caught up in the excitement, but there are real dangers here that can come with life-changing consequences. 

Using a second phone number will give you the opportunity to easily slip away if things with your “sneaky link” don't pan out. There might be a time down the road when you trust them enough with your real number. But during the early stages, you should be using your second number exclusively.

Protects You From Common Dating App Scams

Combining sex with scams has been around for centuries. It’s much easier to take advantage of someone when they aren’t thinking clearly. The fastest way to get them thinking clearly is to play on their most primal, carnal desires. Dating apps are an absolute breeding ground for scams and phishing attempts

You need to use your better judgment when trying to avoid these cons. Some of them can be highly elaborate and span a long time before the trap is sprung. Using a second number is one way to anchor yourself to the boat as you swim through the oceans of potential partners online.

Separates Your Sneaky Links from Your Professional Life

Just like oil and water, your work life and personal life do not mix. Especially when that personal life involves one or more “sneaky links.”

It could be a career-ending revelation when your sneaky links learn about your professional life. Nothing good ever comes from mixing business with pleasure. You should use a second number to keep the two as far apart as humanly possible. 


The idea of a sneaky link application may be new, but the idea of a secret hookup has been around for a long time. A secret relationship can quickly turn up the temperature on an already hot and steamy entanglement. 

You can find apps all over the internet that can help you find other like-minded individuals that are open to creating a new “sneaky link” in their life. It’s all perfectly fine as long as you take a few steps to protect yourself. 

One of the most important of these steps is to download Burner. The Burner app can give you access to a second number that’s perfect for keeping your “sneaky links” at a safe distance. You can use this second number for as long as you like and “burn” it when the time comes for a new one. 

Burner isn’t just a good decision for “sneaky links”; there are tons of ways that Burner can help protect you online. Download Burner today to start your free seven-day trial and experience all of these benefits for yourself. Burner might not help you get a new “sneaky link,” but it can help to protect you from all the sneaky scammers out there!


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