Work-Life Balance: Using a Second Phone Number for Work

Work-Life Balance: Using a Second Phone Number for Work

This spring, lockdown measures sent millions of workers home, leading to an increase in the average working day of three hours. Yes, you read that right, three whole hours. If you’re feeling the burn (pun intended) of the “new normal,” you’re not alone.

Working from home means you’re constantly, well, in the workplace. And, because you can’t really go anywhere else, it’s easy to reach for your phone when it dings. The solution? A second phone number can help.

It doesn’t matter what industry you work in, a second phone number is a great way to keep your work separate from your personal life. And, it even makes it easier to set a Do Not Disturb notification for work-related issues so you can continue to use your phone to scroll through Instagram, swipe on Tinder, or do whatever helps you de-stress at the end of a long workday.

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Benefits of a Second Phone Number

Having a second phone for work is ideal. But, then you run into the issue of pocketing two phones at all times and, let’s be real, that’s quite a hassle. Second phone numbers are the easiest and most effective way to separate work from home life.

Forget about dual-SIM phones and even a second physical burner phone for work. Adding a second phone number to your existing phone is a simple way to direct work calls to the Burner number and regular calls to your regular number.

Aside from the sheer simplicity of adding a second phone number, it’s helpful in terms of:

  • Reducing the costs of having to purchase a second burner phone
  • Avoiding complications of carrying around two phones
  • Keeping your contacts, files, and photos in one central place

Where is this helpful both in terms of working from home and your greater professional life? Don’t want to give out your phone number to a sales prospect but also don’t want to use a second phone completely to answer their calls? Second phone number!

Need to give out your phone number during a remote job search but would like to keep things confidential during the hunt? Second phone number!

Tired of getting calls after-hours to your main phone number and want to turn off notifications to just work-related calls? Yep, you guessed it - second phone number!

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How to Use a Second Phone Number for Work

Deciding to use a second phone number for work is only half of the battle. You’ll also want to learn how to use it effectively to maximize your working efficiency but also give yourself some space to breathe.

Work-from-home hacks go hand-in-hand with learning to balance work life and home life, especially during quarantine (and well after). To utilize your second phone number effectively, you’ll want to:

  • Ensure you’re only giving out your personal phone number to those you trust.
  • Change your work email signature to include your second, temporary phone number.
  • Set an alarm at the end of each workday to help you remember it’s time to “turn off.” Then, use the Do Not Disturb feature to turn off all notifications from your second number (and even your main number, too).
  • Take a break from your phone every hour or so. If it helps, utilize productivity apps that remind you when to take a break from your home office desk and stretch.
  • Only use the second phone number for work. If you need an additional line for personal privacy, simply add another number.

Where to Get a Burner Phone for Free

Aren’t you glad you live in a world where you don’t have to go out and buy a burner phone? What a hassle. How barbaric.

Now, it’s easy to set up a temporary phone number on your existing phone or pay or a subscription for a longer-term second phone number. No more handing out your personal number to coworkers and clients.

At the end of your workday, use the Do Not Disturb feature to turn off notifications, ensuring a more balanced life. Get started with a new long-term second phone number today; we’ll even let you choose the number you like best.

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