How To Use A Burner Phone: 5 Practical Uses

How To Use A Burner Phone: 5 Practical Uses
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The times, boy are they a-changin’. In July, one poll suggested that nearly 70% of the American workforce is burnt out due to COVID-related changes in their work schedules and personal lives.

There’s a lot you can do to mitigate the stress of adjusting to the “new normal.” While yoga, meditation, and frequent Netflix binges might help, we’re actually talking more about learning how to protect your privacy and turn off your notifications whenever you need to.

If that’s what you’re looking for, then the Burner app should be your new best friend. Aside from allowing you to keep your identity safe, there are a lot of other practical uses for using a burner phone during these strange times. Here are a few.

Practical uses for a Burner phone

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If you’re single and still in lockdown mode, chances are that you’re getting pretty bored. Heck, being single during normal times can get pretty dull. When we were ordered to stay home, many of us had nothing to do but start swiping.

Whether you’re just trying to make new friends through Bumble BFF or are looking for a long-term lover so that during the next pandemic (let’s not think about that), you won’t be alone, using a burner phone is a good idea.

Virtual dating doesn’t have to be boring, and Burner allows you to send photos and texts while also making calls straight from your real phone. The catch? The other person never knows your real number. So, call that cutie from Tinder and see if the vibes are right, but do so via your Burner phone number.

Burner phone for job interviews.gif


Nearly 10 million people lost their jobs in April of 2020 due to the pandemic. If you were among the millions of unlucky workers who are now out of a job, you’ve probably spent the better half of the summer searching for a new one.

When job hunting, the issue isn’t so much that you need to protect your privacy, it’s that you’re engaging in an act that is time-limited. You won’t always be searching for a job, and when you do land the perfect new role, you won’t want previous interviewers and companies trying to contact you.

So, use a Burner phone number instead. Try using a temporary phone number for a specific job or a specific project and get rid of that one line when you don’t need it anymore. You’ll still have your Burner account and can create a new number for other things, like the rest of the uses listed below.

Burner phone for work-life balance.gif


70% of Americans are feeling burnt out. We get it. Transitioning from a full-time office job to working from home amid the most significant global crisis since World War II is not easy. Plus, studies have shown that we are now taking on more work at home than we ever were at the office. Simply put, it’s hard to turn off at the end of the day.

With a Burner phone number, you’re able to set an alarm at the end of each workday to help you remember it’s time to “turn off.” Then, use the Do Not Disturb feature to turn off all notifications from your second number (and even your main number too if you need to).

Work-life balance has never been so simple.


Whether you’ve lost your job due to COVID-19 or are trying to sell things around your house to make room for new fall clothing and decor, selling online can be tricky. While marketplaces on social media platforms such as Facebook ensure there’s a backed-up copy of the other party’s messages and information, it doesn’t mean it’s 100% safe.

If you’re planning on selling items online during quarantine, do so with a Burner phone number. This ensures that your identity remains private while also preventing any future contact from occurring. After all, you really have no need to give someone your real phone number if you’re just meeting up to sell a bike or all of your summer clothes.

Burner phone for side hustles.gif


Fears of a recession are looming, and while experts don’t predict that this one will be as bad as the Great Recession, people are still trying to figure out how to protect themselves from the inevitable dip in the economy.

What better way to earn a little extra cash to bulk up your savings than to start a side hustle? From dog walking and online tutoring to social media management and even teaching guitar lessons online, there are numerous side gigs just waiting to be gigged by eager freelancers like yourself.

If you find yourself starting a side hustle, however, be sure to use a Burner phone number. You’ll want to use a temporary phone number to avoid cluttering your phone’s contacts and receiving follow-up calls after the project is over. And, if they turn into long-term clients, simply keep the number!

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Having a Burner phone number is great for any of the practical uses above that you might encounter during quarantine or lockdown. But, even after we get back to a somewhat normal world, you’ll still be able to reap the benefits of what a second phone number can offer you.

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