How To Get a Free Fake Number Super Quickly

How To Get a Free Fake Number Super Quickly
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We all appreciate our privacy and want to keep our personal matters, well, private. Concerns surrounding online privacy and data are at an all-time high in 2021 after WhatsApp’s privacy update at the beginning of the year. Currently, 79% of people say they’re very or somewhat concerned about the privacy of their data online, and 80% of people are willing to act in order to protect their privacy.

So, what are your options? First of all, we’d suggest never giving out your real phone number, not even for work purposes or even when signing up for some new service online. When you need to make calls and send text messages and don’t want to sacrifice the privacy of your phone number, simply use a free fake phone number.

The best part? A fake number can be used for as long as required and then discarded without leaving any trace of who owned the number or where it came from. Sound like a good deal? Here’s how to get a free fake number.


What to know about fake numbers

First and foremost, a fake number can provide you with an additional privacy element without adding a second line to your current plan. After all, adding lines to your current phone plan doesn’t do much because those searching for the number online will still find that the number is registered under your name.

Aside from addressing privacy concerns, however, fake numbers have a multitude of functions. You can use them for a one-off call where you’d like to keep your real number private or even use a fake number for a prank call.

Regardless of what you end up using the fake number for, it’s essential first to identify your reasons behind wanting a fake number in the first place. Whether it’s for sales work, online dating, or business calls, how you plan to use the number will affect where you get it from.

Are free fake numbers safe?

Yes, that’s why they’re so great! Obtaining a fake number is safe because you don’t have to register the number under your actual name. This differs from simply adding a line to your current phone plan or getting a whole new number altogether.

With Burner, for example, you have the option of getting a free number to try out for seven days, and then you’re able to upgrade to a Burner Subscription or stick to a Prepaid Burner that allows you to use a “fake” number for a specific, short-term task.

If something ever happens and you want to burn the number to delete all of the messages and photos, you simply “burn” it, and it goes away, making it safe and secure regardless of how you use the number.

How to get a free fake number

The answer to this depends on what you’ll use the fake number for. If you need a fake number for a one-off event like a prank call, you can search for a fake number generator or simply sign up for a free number with Burner.

Keep in mind that you’re able to choose your area code with Burner, making it either easier to avoid being “found out” by whoever you’re trying to contact. Or, if you truly do need a “fake” number for professional purposes, for online dating, or to sell things online, you can select the area code that corresponds with the area in which you’ll be doing those activities.

To get a free “fake” number (in quotations because the number isn’t fake at all; it’s a real number that you can use like you would any other number), head over to the Create Your Number page here.

Choose an area code that you’d like (check out our tips on choosing the right area code because, yeah, it matters). After doing this, a list of available numbers will be displayed for you to choose from.

You’ll pick the number that looks the hottest, and then you’ll be able to use it for free for a whole week. After that, you’ll be prompted to select a subscription type (monthly or yearly) that will renew automatically with the option to change your number once each billing cycle.

As mentioned above, if you’re looking to use the “fake” number for long-term activities such as work or dating, we suggest getting a Subscription Burner. You’ll be able to have up to three different lines connected while enjoying unlimited calls, texts, messages, and pictures.

If you need to generate a fake number once, you can check out the Prepaid Burners that are recommended for one-time calls or text messages.

Ready for your free fake number?

What are you waiting for? Need to read through a list of the benefits of using a second phone number instead of your real number? Check out our post on how to use a Burner phone for professional tasks.

Then, head on over to create your free number today.


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