We have two types of plans:

Subscription - Auto-renewing Burner lines (that renew monthly or yearly automatically).

Prepaid - Pay as you go Burners which automatically expire after a fixed amount of time unless you manually extend them.

Burners start at $1.99. See below for a breakdown of pricing.


All subscriptions include unlimited calls, texts and pictures. Subscribers get the most full-featured Burners with the most savings. Since subscription lines do not expire, we call them Auto-renewing Lines. We currently have four subscription options:


1 Line Subscription Monthly 


1 Line Subscription Yearly 
$47.99/year ($3.99/mo)
Approximately 20% off


3 Line Subscription Monthly 


3 Line Subscription Yearly 
$139.99/yr ($11.67/mo)
Approximately 22% off


You can upgrade any free trial or Prepaid Burner to an Auto-renewing Line, or you can create new numbers. After you buy a subscription, you'll be given the option to attach existing numbers or create new numbers.


Prepaid Burners auto-expire after their time limit unless you add an extension (which are available once you create the number). You purchase both Prepaid Burners and Extensions using credits.


For use with Prepaid Burners and Extensions:

  • 3 credits - $1.99

  • 8 credits - $4.99

  • 10 credits - $5.99

  • 15 credits - $7.99

  • 25 credits - $11.99

Prepaid Burner Types


Mini Burner - 3 credits
20 minutes
60 texts
Lasts for 14 days


Standard Burner - 5 credits
50 minutes
150 texts
Lasts for 30 days