5 reasons why you'll need a Burner phone number over winter break

5 reasons why you'll need a Burner phone number over winter break

According to recent polls, 60% of people say they’re not going to travel home for the holidays. For some, this is devastating; for others, it’s a welcome relief from having to spend a long weekend or two back in your tiny hometown.

Regardless of how you feel about being in a semi-lockdown this holiday season, one thing’s for sure, and it’s that you’re going to have a lot more free time on your hands. Whether you find yourself bored, stressed, sad, lonely, or inspired, here are five reasons we think you’ll definitely need a Burner phone number over winter break.

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1. Turn off work calls

Hopefully, you’ll get a few days off around the holidays to decompress and relax. Still, we know that many people always receive work calls and texts while on winter break. If that’s you, you definitely need a Burner phone number to turn those incoming messages off. With a Burner number, you’re able to designate a whole separate line and number to purely work calls. Over winter break, turn on the Do Not Disturb feature to mute anything remotely related to work and continue using your phone for more important things. You know, like looking up photos of Thanksgiving desserts and seeing who gets engaged on Facebook.

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2. Swipe right safely

If you want to enjoy your winter break without any drama, we don’t suggest Tindering while at home (or Bumbling or Plenty of Fishing for that matter, either). There aren’t likely to be any great catches in your hometown, and you don’t even live there. However, we also understand just how boring winter break can be. If you’re tempted to swipe right on a few cuties over Christmas, get a Burner phone number. It’ll help ensure that your number is protected and that, once winter break is over, you can choose to burn the number if you want.

3. Hide incoming calls

Part of a prying family? If you’re headed home for the holidays and plan on spending more than a few days at home with your nosy aunt, an overbearing father, or annoying siblings, chances are that you’re about to be bombarded with a million and one personal questions. The last thing you need is for them to see that you’re receiving late-night calls from someone saved as “Josh from Cabo Cantina.” With a Burner phone number, you can mute any especially personal calls and texts while you’re with your family while still being able to receive normal messages to your regular number.

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4. Organize your life for 2021

If you’re all about a “new year, new me” then Burner is just the tool for you. Instead of lounging around over winter break and watching re-runs of Friends (okay, maybe sneak a few in), take the extra time to organize your personal and private life. This is especially relevant if you plan to start a side hustle or your own small business in 2021. Get yourself a Burner number and start organizing your inbox according to client, project, or industry. Set up autoresponders for basic questions and learn how to use the Do Not Disturb feature for when you need a break from being the boss. You’re practically on your way to being on the Forbes Small Giants list already.

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5. To shop online safely

If you’re doing a lot of online shopping this holiday season, downloading apps, and signing up for newsletters and gimmicks just to get those holiday discounts, a Burner phone is going to be your best friend. It’s never a good idea to use your real phone number for anything online as that’s usually how robot marketers get your details and end up calling you five times in a row on a Friday night. Instead, arm yourself with a Burner number and use it for anything and everything less than slightly important this holiday season.

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Beat the winter break blues and sign up for a second phone number before the cold sets in. Having a Burner phone number is a great way to organize your life, protect your privacy, and enjoy swiping right safely (if that’s your thing) this holiday season and beyond.

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