780 Area Code: Alberta Area Code

780 Area Code: Alberta Area Code
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The Canadian province of Alberta is home to just under four and a half million people. The landscapes in Alberta include mountains, forests, and prairies, which create various living experiences. With nearly 600 lakes in the province, Alberta has the perfect blend of summer and winter activities.

Alberta is widely considered to be the sunniest province in all of Canada. It’s easy to see why when you learn that the average sunset time is nearly 10 PM during the summer.

About Alberta

Nestled in the northern parts of The Rockies, Alberta is the second westernmost province of Canada. Alberta has steadily seen a migration increase due to a relatively low cost of living. When combined with high birth rates, Alberta has become the fourth most populous province in Canada.

A large population will naturally bring in plenty of business opportunities. There are a total of four professional sports teams that call Alberta home. The National Hockey League has the Edmonton Oilers and Calgary Flames. The Canadian Football League has the Edmonton Eskimos and Calgary Stampeders.

There is more than just sports in Alberta. The largest shopping mall in all of North America is found in Alberta. The West Edmonton Mall is 5.3 million square feet and is home to more than 800 stores, two hotels, and nine world-class attractions.

The natural beauty of Alberta is one of its primary features that tourists worldwide enjoy. The Lake Louise Ski Resort, Banff Sunshine Village, and Mount Norquay Ski Resorts are all considered to be world-class wintertime resorts.

The 780 area code services the province of Alberta. Having a phone number with this area code could provide unique benefits for your business.

Where Is Area Code 780 Located?

Alberta is located in the western parts of Canada. It shares a western border with British Columbia, an eastern border with Saskatchewan, a northern border with the Northwest Territories, and a southern border with the US state of Montana.

Alberta actually uses four different area codes, but 780 covers the largest surface area. Area code 780 was first put into service on May 18, 1999, as an overlay for area code 403. Since then, the area codes of 587 and 825 have acted as overlays for 780.

How Can You Get a 780 Area Code?

  1. Use the Burner app
  2. Contact your phone service provider
  3. Buy a phone in Alberta

You’ll have a few options available if you want your phone number to be associated with the sunniest province in Canada. There are three different ways for you to get an Alberta-based phone number.

These are your options listed in order of convenience:


You’ll be provided with a second phone number when you download and install the Burner app. You will have the option of selecting 780 as your area code, and the other seven numbers are generated randomly. You’ll be able to use this phone number on your current device, and you won’t have to make changes to your service plan.

With Burner, you’ll be able to create as many different numbers with a 780 area code as you need. You could keep them for as long as you want or simply “burn” them and be rid of them.

Creating a second phone number with Burner is the easiest way to get your desired area code. Not only that, a second number will come with a few unique benefits that aren’t available with the other options on this list.

Before we get into those benefits, you should learn alternative options for getting a 780 area code.


Pretty much every major phone service provider will allow you to change the area code of your primary phone number. It’s a fairly simple process that can vary depending on your specific provider. You’ll basically just contact your provider, make your request, and wait for them to change your number.

While the process is very easy, there are a few things that you should know first. The main problem with changing your area code through your phone service provider is that you’ll lose your original number. Any calls or messages going to your old number will be lost unless you forward them to your new number.

A few of the major phone service providers allow you to use the call forwarding feature for free, but others will charge a fee each time. In order to eliminate the odds of an enormous phone bill, you should probably just go through your contact list and let all know that you have a new number.

Voicemail accounts and blocked number lists are set up through your phone number. You will lose access to any saved voicemails and need to create a new mailbox. Any previously blocked numbers will be able to ring through until you manually block them again.


Area codes are assigned based on where you buy them and set them up. The area code with your personal phone number was provided this way. So setting up a phone in the Alberta area will result in a number with a 780 area code.

The problem with this somewhat obvious option is that it’s highly inconvenient and more expensive. For starters, you’ll need to travel to Alberta in order to buy your new phone. That’s already much more of a hassle than simply downloading an app.

The second issue involves the type of service you are buying for your phone. Buying a new phone and putting it on your current plan will at least double up your monthly bill.

You could opt for a cheap prepaid phone to cut down on these costs, but you’ll still need to buy minutes for it in the future. That’s a lot of effort and money for simply wanting a phone number with a specific area code.

What Are the Benefits of a Second Phone Number?

  • Enhanced privacy
  • Do not disturb feature

As mentioned earlier, a few unique benefits come with having a secondary phone number. These benefits aren’t available if you use the other methods of obtaining a phone number with a 780 area code.

Here are a few of the features that come with having a second phone number:


A second phone number will allow you to keep your personal number private. All incoming calls and messages will go to your second number first. They will then be rerouted to your private number and onto your current device.

Having this extra layer of security will help to prevent spammers, hackers, and telemarketers from having access to your phone number.

The protection will work both ways too. You’ll be able to disguise your private phone number for any outgoing calls or messages. The person or business at the other end of the line will only see your Burner number.


You can have as many Burner numbers being routed to your private phone number as you want. Obviously, that will lead to a massive increase in call volume for you.

By using Burner specifically, you’ll have access to the Do Not Disturb feature. You can simply enable the feature on nights and weekends and prevent incoming calls from being rerouted to your private number.

You’ll still be able to use your phone as regular; it’s just that all calls to your second number will be sent to voicemail. All voicemails and messages will be there waiting for you as soon as you disable the feature and return to work.

The Takeaway

Alberta is one of the fastest-growing provinces in Canada. A phone number with a 780 area code would be an excellent way to reach potential customers or business partners living in the area.

You could change your personal number on your phone or buy a new one while in Alberta. Each of these options will get you a phone number with the 780 area code, but they come with a few drawbacks.

The easiest option is to download and install the Burner app. Not only will you get a phone number with a 780 area code, but you’ll also get some extra benefits too. Download Burner today, select a 780 area code, and start your free seven-day trial.


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