Second Phone Number for Business: 5 Benefits

Second Phone Number for Business: 5 Benefits
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When Apple released the new iPhone XS a couple of years ago there was lots of buzz surrounding the new phone’s ability to let users use two SIM cards in one phone. And, while the ability to separate your work calls from your personal calls is truly something special, Apple wasn’t the first to debut these kinds of features.

Burner has been giving people the ability to use two (or more) numbers at once for quite a while. And, you don’t even need to shell out thousands of dollars for a new phone with dual-SIM capabilities to enjoy the benefits of having a second phone number. Not familiar with the benefits? It’s hard to narrow down all of them, but here are the top five.

Benefits of a Second Phone Number

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You don’t need a specific reason to want to keep your personal number private, but it’s easily one of the biggest benefits of a second number for a variety of different people. Whether you’re selling items online to strangers, getting to know someone new from a dating app, or want to avoid giving your personal number to work contacts, a second phone number allows you to protect your privacy.

And, this is more important than ever as millions of people work from home and are struggling with the increasingly blurred lines between work and play.

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If you use your personal phone for work purposes, whether that’s in an office setting or as a freelancer or small business owner, it can be hard to strike the perfect work-life balance. Sure, using your personal phone for work purposes is cost-effective, but if you’re using the same number, things can get confusing and, quite honestly, stressful.

Adding a Burner phone number to your existing phone is a great way to separate these two aspects of your life. Then, when it’s time to leave the office (physically and mentally), you can turn on the Do Not Disturb feature for your second phone number and enjoy using your regular phone and number like normal.

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If you’re the owner or employee of an online business, you’ll want to project confidence and expertise to your customers or users. This means that if you’re trying to appear as if your online business is a multi-office marketing agency or a large clothing line, it’s going to look a bit weird if the number listed on your website is from rural Idaho.

While there’s nothing wrong with being from rural Idaho, area codes can be important when it comes to your business image. With a second phone number, you can choose a more prestigious area code and therefore increase the professionalism of your business in the eyes of others.

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Let’s say you’re working from home on a Friday afternoon and decide to order pizza for your family. Or, you’re expecting a phone call from a really cute Bumble match as you finish up a few work-related tasks. Then, you get the call. You answer thinking it’s the pizza guy or your future spouse only to find that it’s the CEO of one of the companies you’re doing business with.

While you likely wouldn’t answer the phone any differently, knowing who is calling gives you that split second to prepare for the conversation ahead. With a second phone number, you can effectively screen calls and messages and know exactly which ones are personal and which are professional.

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Let’s imagine for a second that you do have one of those shiny new iPhones. Great! You can add a second SIM card. And, while that might be beneficial for a while, what happens when your business diversifies and expands and you need to add a few more lines. Or, what happens when you decide you’d like another Burner phone number to use for other personal reasons outside of work?

Burner phone apps are really the only way to easily add more numbers as you need without having to purchase more phones or invest in costly subscription services elsewhere. And, while we might be a bit biased, we think Burner is the best.

Investing in a second phone number has numerous business benefits that also carry over into your personal life. From reduced stress to increased privacy, they’re versatile and functional for any type of worker. Get started with a second phone number today and begin taking control of your professional life.

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