760 Area Code: How To Get a California Area Code

760 Area Code: How To Get a California Area Code
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The 760 area code services the region east of Los Angeles known as the “Inland Empire.” While the region might not have the same level of fame as LA, it’s still an incredibly lucrative metropolis that is ripe with business opportunities. 

About Southeastern California

California is an enormous state and has so much more to offer than just Los Angeles. The eastern region is often forgotten but contains a wide variety of landmarks, attractions, and natural beauty. 

Southeastern California Attractions

The effortless blend of city, suburb, and nature is unparalleled, and the region is home to the following:

  • The Baldwin Lake Ecological Reserve in Big Bear Lake is a 156-acre natural escape that’s perfect for an up-close and personal view of California wildlife.
  • The Joseph Filippi Winery and Vineyards in Cucamonga Valley first opened in 1922 and was one of the premier California wineries for decades.
  • The Lincoln Memorial Shrine in Redlands opened in 1932 to honor one of the greatest American presidents and is a must-see for history buffs.
  • The Mitla Cafe in San Bernardino has been around since 1937 and is an iconic roadside diner rife with Americana.
  • The Rose Haven Heritage Garden in Temecula is a 3.4-acre garden that is dedicated solely to the world’s most famous flower.
  • The Route 66 Museum in Victorville is home to various artifacts, memorabilia, and historical information about the world-famous 2,448-mile stretch of highway. 
  • The Sugarplum Farm in Temecula features a petting zoo, tour guide, and shop that sells gourmet caliber artisanal chocolates, jars of honey, and jams.

Where Is Area Code 760 Used?

The 760 area code is located on the southeastern border of California and touches both Nevada and Arizona. The area was originally serviced by area code 619 until the 760 area code was put into service on March 22, 1997. In 2009, the 442 area code was created and is used as an overlay for 760.

There are eight different counties that use the 760 area code. The three largest counties are San Bernardino, San Diego, and Riverside. Area code 760 services more than 50 cities across these counties, including:

  • Oceanside
  • Escondido
  • Victorville
  • Carlsbad
  • Vista
  • Hesperia
  • San Marcos
  • Indio
  • Apple Valley

How Do You Get a 760 Area Code?

  • Use the Burner App
  • Call Your Phone Service Provider
  • Buy a Phone in California

It’s not very difficult to get a number that comes with a specific area code. In fact, it’s so easy that you have several options on how to do it. These are the easiest ways that you can get a phone number with a 760 area code:

Use the Burner App

The easiest way to get a 760 area code is to download the Burner app. You’ll have the option of choosing the area code, but the other seven digits will be randomly generated. You’ll be able to access this phone number on your phone, and there won’t be any changes to your monthly service plan.

By using Burner, you’ll be able to create as many phone numbers as you need. They can all be from the 760 area code if you like, or you can use a different area code. You’ll be able to keep these numbers as long as you want. When you no longer have use for them, simply “burn” them and be rid of them.

Call Your Phone Service Provider

It’s pretty common for people to want to update their phone numbers whenever they move. Sticking with an old area code in a new place can cause confusion. As a result, pretty much all of the major phone companies allow their customers to change their area codes for free. 

The process is pretty simple as you basically just call your service provider and tell them which area code you want.

The problem is that you’ll almost certainly have to get an entirely new number. Even if you are somehow able to keep the same seven digits, you’re still basically getting a brand new number. You’ll need to update your personal information on accounts and inform the people in your contact list about the change.

As if that wasn’t enough of a hassle, voicemails and blocked number lists are linked via phone numbers. Making a change to the area will mean you’ll need to create a new voicemail (therefore losing access to saved messages) and recreate a list of blocked numbers.

Buy a New Phone in Southeastern California

The reason why your phone number has its area code is because of where you were when you bought it. You can use this concept to easily get a 760 area code. All that you have to do is travel to the southeastern parts of California, buy a brand new phone, and set it up when you’re there.

If that sounds like a lot of work just to get a 760 area code, that’s because it absolutely is. Not only is this tactic wildly inconvenient, but it’s also going to cost you the most money. Travel expenses, the cost of a new phone, and the increase to your monthly bill will add fast. 

Even if that somehow isn’t a reason to reconsider, you’ll have to carry around two phones throughout the day!

Why Should You Use a Second Phone Number?

  • Protect Your Personal Information
  • More Efficient Work-Life Balance

The main feature of the Burner app is that it provides you with a second phone number. Unlike using a separate phone, you’ll have access to this number with your current device. For that reason alone, Burner is the superior option for getting a 760 area code. However, having a second phone number will also provide you with a few unique benefits

Protect Your Personal Information

There are countless hackers and spammers out there that are putting in hard hours trying to steal your personal information. You don’t have to match their tenacity to protect yourself as they typically go after the easiest victims. 

Using the Burner app will establish another layer of security between you and these criminals. The extra layer should be plenty to keep yourself off their radar.

The security system is fairly simple yet ingenious in its design. 

Any incoming calls or texts that are sent to your second number are rerouted through Burner. You’ll have the ability to screen and filter out unwanted numbers before they’re transferred. 

Even if you accidentally accept a scam call, your personal information isn’t linked to your Burner, and the spammer will be none the wiser.

The enhanced security will also work both ways. You’ll be able to disguise your private number with your second number whenever you make any calls or texts. The recipient on the other end of the line will only see your second number. 

More Efficient Work-Life Balance

Trying to run a business through your personal phone can quickly result in a 24/7 work schedule. In order to have some personal time, you’ll have to turn your phone off, leave it in another room, or use incredible discipline to ignore notifications. Burner offers a much more effective solution to this problem.

The Do Not Disturb feature allows you to take back your nights, weekends, and vacations. All that you have to do is enable the feature when work is done. 

Any incoming calls or texts sent to your second number will be sent to voicemail or be met with an auto-reply text. The notifications will be silent, and you’ll be able to use your phone like normal. When it’s time to get back to work, disable the feature, and all the calls and texts will be waiting.

What To Do Next

Getting a 760 area code is an excellent way to connect with the locals of southeastern California. Potential customers are much more likely to engage with a business that has a local area code. There’s no reason to leave it to chance when you can simply download the Burner app and get to work.

With Burner, you won’t just be getting a separate number to use for your business. You’ll be getting a few extra benefits too. There’s no reason to risk your personal information winding up on a hacker database or working yourself 24 hours a day.

Download Burner today to start your free seven-day trial and let the app do its thing. You’ll be getting so much more than just a 760 area code. 


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