706 Area Code: How To Get a Georgia Area Code

706 Area Code: How To Get a Georgia Area Code
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There are a ton of area codes needed for Atlanta and its surrounding suburbs. The rest of the upper half of Georgia is serviced by the 706 area code. Although this region doesn’t have the same population as Atlanta, there are still a lot of people in the area.

The city of Augusta recently surpassed 200,000 residents, Columbus is only a few thousand short of this mark, and Athens is quickly catching up. There are a lot of potential customers in these cities for any type of business. 

Having a local 706 area code can help you connect with the locals in the region. The majority of people prefer not to answer numbers with an unfamiliar area code. Having a 706 area code can help you to establish roots in the area and become a part of the growing community.

What Region Uses the 706 Area Code?

The 706 area code services the outer northern, eastern, and western regions of Georgia. It’s essentially the region that surrounds the greater Atlanta area. The original area code for this region was 404, and 706 wasn’t put into service until May 3, 1992. In 2000, the 762 area code was created as an overlay.

There are more than 50 counties that use the widely encompassing 706 area code. The largest counties include Richmond, Muscogee, Columbia, Clarke, Whitfield, and Floyd. The vast majority of the cities that use a 706 area code are small, but the cities of Augusta, Columbus, and Athens all have populations over 100,000.

How Can You Get a 706 Area Code?

  • Download Burner
  • Contact Your Phone Carrier
  • Buy a Phone in the 706 Region

It isn’t very hard to get a phone number that has a specific area code. In fact, you’ll have several different options to choose from. Any of the following methods can get you a 706 area code, but it’s pretty clear that one option is better than the rest.

Download Burner

Burner is an app that will provide you with a second phone number. After you download the app, you’ll be given the opportunity to select a specific area code. The burner will then randomly generate the last seven digits, and you’ll be granted access to it. It’s just that simple. 

Any calls or texts sent to your second number will be rerouted to Burner and then transferred to your cell. You won’t need to buy another device or make any changes to your monthly service plan. You can keep the number for as long as you like or “burn” it and get a new one. 

Having two numbers with one phone may sound strange, but it actually comes with several unique benefits. Let’s finish this list first and cover those benefits later on.

Contact Your Phone Carrier

Lots of people change their phone numbers each day for a variety of reasons.

It’s so common that pretty much all service providers allow you to change your number for free. The exact details may differ based on your phone carrier, but the process is usually very similar. All that you’ll need to do is call your phone carrier, give them the electronic serial number of your phone, and request a 706 area code.

It should only take you a few minutes to switch over to a 706 area code, but there are a few things that happen next. For starters, you’ll need to update your personal information on all of your accounts. You’ll also need to inform your contacts about the change and give them your new number.

Another issue is that voicemails and blocked number lists are linked to numbers and not phones. That means that you’ll have to set up a new voicemail and create a new blocked number list from scratch.

Changing your phone number might be quick, easy, and free, but it sure comes with a long list of consequences.

Buy a Phone in the 706 Region

You’re probably aware that area codes aren’t assigned at random. They’re actually based on the location where you buy and set up your phone. That means that if you buy a new phone in the 706 regions, you’ll be given a number with the area code. Anywhere in the area will do, and Augusta, Columbus, and Athens are sure to have lots of phone stores.

While this option sounds simple enough at first, there are a lot of drawbacks to it. The main problem is that you’ll need to spend money on traveling to the area and buying a brand new phone. That’s not even covering the changes that you’ll see on your monthly phone bill.

One easy way to cut down on some of these costs is to buy a cheap, disposable phone. You’ll save some money, but you’ll still need to spend money on minutes and use it sparingly. Even if all the costs are somehow not a factor for you, you’ll still be carrying around and juggling two separate phones.

That’s a whole lot of inconvenience and unnecessary costs just to get a 706 area code.

Why Should You Use Burner?

  • Increased Security
  • Do Not Disturb Feature
  • Additional Lines

It should be pretty clear that Burner is the best way to get a phone number with a 706 area code. Burner doesn’t come with any of the negative side effects or headaches of the other options. Not only that, but there are a few unique benefits that can only come with using Burner.

Increased Security

The primary benefit of using Burner is that you’ll be able to establish an extra layer of security around your personal information. Hackers, spammers, and other cybercriminals can do a lot of damage if they get ahold of your phone number. With Burner, you’ll be able to shield your private number from them.

Any calls or texts sent to your second number are rerouted to Burner first. That gives you the chance to screen them and decline them if they’re unfamiliar. Naturally, you can do the same thing with caller ID. What makes Burner so special is that accidentally answering them won’t have severe consequences. 

There is no personal information linked to your Burner number, and the spammers won’t know it’s not your private number. It basically functions like a decoy number that has no value for them. You can “burn” the number, get a new one, and their efforts would have been for nothing. 

Do Not Disturb Feature

Operating a business from your personal phone will mean that your free time is basically eliminated. There will always be another call or text that you’ll have to take. Being on-call 24 hours a day is no way to live, and Burner can help you separate your work and home lives.

The Do Not Disturb feature will let you pause any notifications or transfers that might be incoming from your second number.

You’ll still be able to use your phone as normal; it’s just that anything work-related is silenced. You can sit back and enjoy your nights, weekends, and vacations again. Disable the feature whenever it’s time to get back to work, and the voicemails, texts, and notifications will be transferred in.

Additional Lines

Running a business means that you’re going to need a few open lines of communication available. You might end up needing to use several different phone numbers to contact your partners and customers.

Burner allows you to create as many new numbers with as many different area codes as you want. There are no limits, and Burner can accommodate the communication needs of your business. You can keep these for as long as you want and drop them when you’re done with them.

If your business needs ten different phone numbers, then Burner can give you ten of them. Imagine trying to juggle ten different disposable phones so you can have ten different numbers.

What To Do Next

There’s no denying that the Burner app is the easiest way to get a 706 area code. The other options come with a bunch of side effects, and you’ll be missing out on the benefits of a second number. The examples listed above barely scratch the surface of how Burner can help you to run your business.

Visit Burner today and download the app to start your free seven-day trial. You can get a 706 area code and experience the unique benefits firsthand. 


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