669 Area Code: How To Get A San Jose Area Code

669 Area Code: How To Get A San Jose Area Code
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San Jose isn’t typically mentioned as often as other parts of California. Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego dominate the national headlines.

The lack of popularity doesn’t mean that San Jose is less important than these other cities. In fact, San Jose is the largest city in Northern California in terms of both population and area.

About San Jose

Although Silicon Valley consists of several cities, none of them compare to the size of San Jose. For this reason, San Jose has earned the nickname of being the Capital of Silicon Valley.

The technology-based companies located in Silicon Valley are on the cutting edge of creating a new future for the planet. So many new patents are being created in Silicon Valley that the US Patent and Trademark Office decided to create a satellite office in San Jose.

As a result of the tremendous wealth and innovation of Silicon Valley, San Jose boasts the third-highest GDP per capita in the entire world. Only Zurich and Oslo have a higher GDP, and San Jose is gaining ground.

San Jose is also home to the Winchester Mystery House, more than 15,000 acres of parklands, and the SAP Center, where the San Jose Sharks play professional hockey.

There is a lot going on in the 669 area code. Having a phone number that uses this area code can help your business be associated with these events and more.

What Regions Does Area Code 669 Service?  

The area code of 669 is located in the northern parts of California and is just outside of San Francisco. Santa Clara is the primary county for the 669 area code, but northern parts of Santa Cruz county also use it.

San Jose is the largest single city in the 669 area code, with a population bordering on one million residents. The cities of Sunnyvale and Santa Clara also use the 669 area code and boast more than 100,000 residents each.

The area was primarily serviced by area code 408, but 669 was assigned in 2012 due to the surging population increase.

How Can You Get a 669 Area Code?

  1. Use the Burner app
  2. Talk with your phone service provider
  3. Buy a phone in San Jose

Changing the area code of your phone number is easier than you might think. If you want a phone number with an area code of 669, these are your options:


The easiest way to get a phone number with a 669 area code is to download and install the Burner app. Not only will you get the area code of your choice, but you’ll also get to keep your current phone number, device, and phone service provider plan.

When you use the Burner app, you’ll create a second phone number with your desired area code. All incoming calls and messages made using this number will be screened and rerouted to your personal phone number.

Adding this extra step will keep your original phone number private. Burner's additional layer of protection will come with several benefits, but more on those later.


The largest phone service providers come with the option of changing your area code. You’ll simply have to contact them, put in a request, and wait for their response.

The process is fairly easy, you’ll get to keep your phone, and there won’t be any changes to your plan. However, you will lose access to your original phone number.

The phone service provider would need to generate a completely new phone number for you based on the new area code. You would have the option to set up call forwarding, but that could cost you some money.

Some phone plans charge a toll for using the call forwarding feature. In that case, you would have to reach out to all of your contacts and give them your new number.

Additionally, voicemails and blocked numbers are tied to your number and not your phone. That means that you will lose access to any saved or new voicemails, and blocked numbers will be able to reach you again.


Perhaps the most obvious option would be to simply buy a new phone anywhere in the 669 area code. After all, setting up a new phone in a specified geographic location is how you originally got your current area code. It would be the same thing if you repeated the process in San Jose.

Obviously, this option will come with a few drawbacks that might not make it the best decision. You would need to establish a new phone service plan that would bring about all the drawbacks on changing your number.

If you wanted to keep your original phone number and plan, creating a new account would double your current phone bill.

Buying a prepaid phone would somewhat cut down on these costs but would require a trip to the 669 area code. Plus, you would only be able to use it sparingly or continue to buy additional time for it.

Buying a new phone and service plan is a whole lot of trouble just to get a number with a different area code.

What Are the Benefits of Creating a Second Number?

  • Additional security
  • Contact locals easier
  • Appear more professional

The benefits of using a second phone number are so extensive that it requires its very own section. The other options for getting a new area code will come with a few drawbacks.

Not only do these drawbacks not apply to the Burner app, but you’ll also be able to enjoy a few specific benefits, including:


Giving out your secondary phone number will keep your primary phone number private. Remember that all calls and messages made to your second phone number will be rerouted to your personal number. You’ll be able to screen these calls and choose to accept them or not.

That’s not even the best part. The additional layer of security works both ways. Any outgoing calls or messages you make will be rerouted through your secondary phone number.

Your primary phone number will stay private and at least one step removed from the hands of hackers, spammers, or telemarketers.


Many people won’t answer a phone number if they don’t recognize the phone number. The odds of answering a phone number with an unfamiliar area code are even less likely.

If you attempt to reach the locals of San Jose, then using their area code will greatly help. They will view your business as a trusted local source and allow you to make a sales pitch.

An 800 area code feels more impersonal, and people might think you’re a bill collector. Using the local area code will reassure them that you are a legitimate business.


The 669 area code is home to some of the world's most powerful and successful businesses. Any business that receives a call from a 669 phone number will immediately associate your business with Silicon Valley.

Even if you don’t have the wealth or success of a Silicon Valley based tech company, you can still receive the prestige that comes with it.


Changing your phone number or setting up another phone will lead to more calls and messages ringing through. But with a second number, you can simply enable the Do Not Disturb feature and enjoy your nights and weekends again.

You’ll still be able to use your phone as normal; it’s just that calls and messages to your second number are sent to voicemail. When it comes time to go back to work, all calls, voicemails, and messages will be waiting for you.

The Takeaway

San Jose might not have the same national popularity as some of the other cities in California, but it’s just as important. The so-called Capital of Silicon Valley is home to nearly a million residents and is one of the richest cities in the world.

Any business could greatly benefit from using a phone number associated with San Jose. By downloading and installing the Burner app, you could create a phone number that starts with a 669 area code.

You’ll receive additional security, be able to contact the locals easier, create an air of prestige with your business, and be able to separate your work and home lives more easily.

Download Burner today and start a free seven-day trial with your new area code.


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