501 Area Code: How To Get An Arkansas Area Code

501 Area Code: How To Get An Arkansas Area Code
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The city of Little Rock was founded in 1821 and took over duties as the capital of Arkansas. In the centuries since, LIttle Rock has evolved into a unique city with many cultural, historical, and natural attractions.

About Little Rock

The city of Little Rock is rich with political history and is home to the Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site. The still-active high school was the location of a pivotal moment in the Civil Rights movement.

The world watched as the 101st Airborne Division of the United States Army escorted nine African-American teenagers into the school. The city is also home to the William J Clinton Presidential Library and Museum, Old State House Museum, and MacArthur Museum of Arkansas Military History.


The natural beauty of central Arkansas is breathtaking, and the people of Little Rock take great pride in it. The Pinnacle Mountain State Park provides world-class hiking trails and unbeatable views.

Nearby Maumelle Park offers more than 100 campsites for anyone looking to get back in touch with nature. Even the city embraces the local nature with the Bernice Garden, Wildwood Park, and the Little Rock Zoo.

Little Rock has plenty of modern amenities to offer while protecting its natural beauty. The River Market District contains more than 10,000 square feet of various shops, tables, and stalls that peddle their wares year-round.

You can find various food options in the downtown area, but the southern cuisine is hard to beat. Live jazz and rock performances can frequently be heard in the downtown area. You can head over to the Heifer Village & Urban Farm, Museum of Discovery, and Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum for more educational activities.

The city of Little Rock has a lot to offer, and there is a lot of money to be made there. Having a 501 area code could potentially help your business to gain access to the exciting city of Little Rock.

Where Is Area Code 501 Located?

The 501 area code can be found directly in the center region of Arkansas. Area code 501 is one of the original 86 area codes that were first put into service back in 1947.

The entire state of Arkansas used the 501 area code until 1997, when area code 870 was created and used for western parts of Arkansas. Area code 479 was put into service in 2002 and covered the eastern parts.

Seventeen counties currently use the 501 area code, including Pulaski, Faulkner, and Saline. Little Rock is the largest city that uses area code 501 and has just under 200,000 residents. North Little Rock and Conway are a few of the other big cities that also use the 501 area code.

How Can You Get a 501 Area Code?

  1. Download the Burner app
  2. Contact your phone service provider
  3. Buy a phone in Little Rock

There are a few options for getting a 501 area code. None of them are particularly difficult, but there are a few stark differences. These are a few of the ways that you can get a 501 area code:


The most convenient option is to download and install the Burner app. The first part of the process is to select your preferred area code. After entering the 501 area code, Burner will automatically generate the remaining seven digits.

You’ll now have access to a second phone number without needing another phone or changing your phone plan.

Any incoming calls made to your second phone number will be rerouted to Burner and transferred to your phone number. It’s the easiest way to fuse with your personal and professional lives.


There are plenty of reasons for someone to change the area code of their phone number. As a result, most phone service providers will allow their users to change their area code for free.

The exact details might be a little different, but the process is usually similar for them. Contact your phone service provider, request an area code, and wait for them to respond.

While this option is fairly simple, it does come with a major drawback. You’ll be assigned an entirely new phone number and will lose access to your current one. That means that you’ll have to go through your contact list and inform them of the change. A few phone service providers offer a call forwarding feature, but it’s not always free.

Another issue is that you’ll need to create a new voicemail account and blocked numbers list. These features are tied to your phone number and not your phone. That means you’ll lose access to your saved voicemails, and any blocked numbers could now ring through.


Area codes are assigned based on where a phone is purchased. Taking a trip to Little Rock and buying a phone is easy to land a 501 area code. The problem is that you’ll now have a second phone and a bigger phone bill.

Even if you opt for a prepaid phone, you’ll still need to juggle an extra phone and keep an eye on your minutes. That’s a lot of effort, cost, and inconvenience just to get another area code.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Second Phone Number?

  • Increased security
  • Better work-life balance
  • Connect with locals

Downloading the Burner app is the most convenient way to get a 501 area code. But having a second phone number is more than just convenient. There are a few unique benefits that come with using Burner, including:


Keeping your private data secure is only getting more difficult. By using Burner, you’ll have an additional layer of security to keep your information safe. Any calls made to your second phone number will be rerouted through Burner and transferred to your private number. That will give you the chance to screen any calls and keep your number safe.

The security will work both ways too. Any time you use Burner, your calls and messages will be sent from your second number. The recipient on the other end will only see your second phone number on their called ID.


Running a business can make it hard to separate your personal and professional lives. Burner can help you to establish a line between both parts of your life. The Do Not Disturb feature lets you use your phone like normal during nights, weekends, and vacations.

Any calls made to your second phone number will be transferred to your voicemail. When it comes time to get back to work, just disable the feature, and any messages will be there waiting.


Everything is important in the world of business. Having a local area code can make your business more appealing to locals.

A 501 area code will look much better to a resident of Little Rock than an informal 800 area code or an unfamiliar one. It will show them that you are committed to Little Rock and the people that live there.

The Takeaway

There are tons of economic opportunities in the Little Rock area. Getting a 501 area code can help your business to connect with the locals and join in on the prosperity. You have a few options for getting a 501 area code, but none of them offer the benefits of Burner.

Using the Burner app will allow you to get a 501 area code, help protect your private data, establish a better work-life balance, and connect your business with Little Rock residents.

Download and install Burner today to start your free seven-day trial.


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