334 Area Code: How To Get A Montgomery Area Code

334 Area Code: How To Get A Montgomery Area Code

If you’re a history buff that wants to live right next to the black granite Civil Rights Memorial, or if you’re an art aficionado who wants to have easy access to the Museum of Fine Arts displays of American and African art – it sounds like Montgomery, Alabama is the place for you to settle down.

Montgomery County is home to 228,954 happy citizens, so why not make it 228,955? You can grow your business and start a new life in one of the most historically poignant state capitols in the country. But you’ll need an area code to fit right in.

The good news is that getting a 334 area code is easy and quick. Here’s how to get one to help your small business grow.

Where Does a 334 Area Code Include?

Once you get yourself a 334 area code, you’ll feel right at home in Montgomery County. But this code also expands to tons of other neighboring counties like Russell, Wilcox, Autauga, Dallas, Bullock, Macron, and Lowndes.

If you move a little further north, you’ll run into a 205 or 659 area code which includes major counties like Tuscaloosa, Greene, Pickens, Fayette, Saint Clair, and Walker. And then, if you go even further north, you’ll hit Dekalb, Lawrence, and Jackson – all of which have an area code of 256 or 938.

How to Get a 334 Area Code

Getting a 334 area code is simple, and you have a few options for how to secure one for yourself. With that said, the easiest and most efficient method is by getting a second number through the Burner app.

Burner gives you a second phone number that reroutes calls and texts to your primary number. When you sign up, you can input your preferred area code and receive a new number that incorporates that code. So, if you want to get a 334 area code for your personal cell or for a business, it’s as simple as that.

Your Burner number not only lets you get a 334 area code to feel like a true member of the Montgomery crowd, but it also protects you and your personal information. When an incoming caller tries to reach you, they’ll only be able to see your secondary number. You’ll have full control over whether or not you want to let the call through, helping to keep your personal information safe from spam and scam calls.

Not to mention, it works both ways. When you make an outgoing call, the person on the other end will only see your Burner number. They’ll never see your personal cell, making it perfect for making professional business calls without worrying about clients reaching you after hours.


If you don’t feel like dealing with two phone numbers, you can change your primary phone number to get a 334 area code through your mobile carrier. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before you decide on this method:

  • You can only change the area code, meaning that the last seven digits will be random.
  • You’ll lose your original phone number, so you’ll need to update all of your contacts to let them know how to reach you at your new cell.
  • This is irreversible, so you can't go back once you decide to go through with it.
  • Voicemails and blocked numbers link to specific numbers – not phones. When you get your new number, you’ll need to reset your voicemail, and you’ll lose all of the numbers you previously blocked, forcing you to need to do it again.

But if you get your second number from Burner, all of your voicemails and blocked numbers will be kept on your primary phone, eliminating the need for back-ups.

Plus, you get to keep your original phone number, so you won’t need to worry about losing all of your contacts.

With that said, if you’re thinking of making Lincoln your permanent home for the foreseeable future, it might be a good idea to switch over your primary number.

Benefits of a Second Phone Number

Getting a second phone number with a 334 area code is a surefire way to feel like you’re a true Montgomery citizen. But it can also provide you with a vast number of benefits for both your privacy and productivity.


One of the greatest benefits of getting a second Burner number is its protection. Spam texts and calls are rising, and cybercrimes can put you and your personal information at risk.

A second phone number acts as a barrier between your personal number and a stranger. This reduces the risk of leaking some of your private information, as you’ll see who’s calling before ever allowing them to see your personal cell.

Scammers can access a lot about you from your phone number alone. You should never give out your personal cell number unless it’s to someone you trust. For everything else, there’s Burner.


When you land in a foreign country, you might be charged roaming fees for using your cellular data outside of the US. However, you can avoid this altogether by getting a local SIM card with your Burner phone number.

Replace your original SIM with the local SIM card and then turn your data on without fear of racking up high roaming fees. Then, you can text and call anyone from the Burner app without worrying about getting hit with unnecessary fees.


Everybody needs a vacation, even if you’re a small business owner in Montgomery County. If you’re struggling to find the right work/life balance, a second Burner number can help you keep them separate.

You can designate a whole different line and number purely for work calls with the Burner app, letting you use the Do Not Disturb feature to mute anything remotely work-related so you can enjoy your well-earned days off.

What To Do Next

Visit Burner now to download the app and create your Montgomery, Alabama phone number. Not only is it the ideal way to truly feel like a part of the Montgomery community, but it’s also an ideal way to protect your private phone number while connecting with potential new clients.

And getting a second Burner number is easy. Burner is an app on your smartphone that lets you get a second phone number with an area of your choosing.

You can keep the number for as long as you want and then swap it out for a brand new number whenever you want one as well. So if you decide to move to other parts of Alabama or even across the country, you can always get an area code to match.


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