205 Area Code: How To Get A Birmingham Area Code

205 Area Code: How To Get A Birmingham Area Code
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Birmingham is the largest city in Alabama and sports a population of over 206,000 residents. If you factor in the surrounding areas, the population is well over a million. The vast majority of businesses and individuals have a number with a 205 area code. 

About Birmingham, Alabama

  • Founded on December 19, 1871
  • Industries include steel and healthcare
  • Birmingham continues growing

When Was Birmingham, AL Founded?

The city of Birmingham was founded on December 19, 1871. It didn’t take long before the city would experience an incredible explosion of industrial growth. The nearby natural deposits of iron ore, coal, and limestone quickly helped Birmingham become a major manufacturer of steel. 

What Are the Main Industries in Birmingham?

There is a lot more to the city of Birmingham than steel manufacturing. Although these natural deposits are still being mined and exported, Birmingham has branched out into other industries as well. In fact, the largest employer in the area is now the healthcare industry. 

The University of Alabama at Birmingham Hospital is one of the premier transplant centers worldwide. Birmingham also became the first non-German assembly plant site for Mercedes Benz. 

Birmingham Is a Fast-Growing City

The evolution of Birmingham is still ongoing, and there is a lot of potential left in this city. If you want your business to be a part of it, then you’re going to need a phone number with 205 area code.

Where Is Area Code 205 Located?

  • 21 Counties, including Jefferson, Shelby, and Tuscaloosa
  • The 205 area code once served the entire state

What Cities and Counties Use the 205 Area Code?

The 205 area code services the central and western parts of Alabama. There are 21 counties that use the 205 area code, including Jefferson, Shelby, and Tuscaloosa. The largest city in the 205 region is Birmingham, but there are several dozen smaller cities and towns. 

When Was the 205 Area Code First Used?

The entire state of Alabama used to be served by the 205 area code as it was one of the original 86 area codes created in 1947. It wasn’t until 1995 that the state started using the 334 area code. The 256 area code would provide additional relief when it was put into service three years later. 

How Can You Get a 205 Area Code?

  • Download the Burner App
  • Talk to your phone service provider
  • Buy a phone in Birmingham

It’s pretty easy to get a phone number that has a 205 area code. In fact, there are a few different ways that you can go about it. You’ll need to choose one method over the others, but it should be pretty easy to see which option is the best one.

Download the Burner App

Signing up with Burner is the easiest option on this list.

All you have to do is download the app, select your area code, and create an account. The app is available for both Android and iPhone devices, and the very first step is to select a specific area code. You’ll then be given access to a 10-digit phone number with the area code of your choice.

You’ll be able to use this second number with your current device and won’t need to make any changes to your monthly plan. Any calls or texts sent to your second number will be rerouted to Burner and transferred over to your cell phone. There are quite a few unique benefits that will come from having a second phone number, but more on those later.

Talk With Your Phone Service Provider

Just about every major phone carrier will allow their customers to change their number for free. The exact details might change depending on your provider, but the process should still be pretty simple overall. Basically, all you’ll have to do is call your service provider and request a phone number with a 205 area code.

Changing your phone number isn’t hard, but it will come with a few side effects. The main issue is that you’ll lose access to your current number. That means that you’ll need to inform all of your contacts about the change. It also means that you’ll have to set up a new voicemail account and blocked number list since these features are linked to numbers and not phones.

It will only take you a few minutes to change your number, but you can’t go back if you change your mind. Make sure that it’s what you want before you call your service provider.

Buy a Phone in Birmingham

Area codes are assigned based on where a phone is purchased and set up. That’s how you got your current phone number and area code. Buying a new phone in Birmingham and setting it up would provide you with a 205 area code in just a few minutes. However, there are several drawbacks to using this method.

For starters, you’re going to be forking over quite a lot of money for the phone and traveling expenses. That’s not even taking into account the future costs of adding another line to your monthly service plan. On top of the extra money, you’ll now have to carry around and manage an entirely separate phone.

That’s a whole lot of unnecessary effort and money just to get a 205 area code. You should consider this option to be the very last resort.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Second Phone Number?

  • Keep your private number safe
  • Reach new customers 
  • Separate your work life and home life

Based on the list above, it’s pretty easy to see that Burner is the best way to get a 205 area code. There just aren’t any of the negative side effects that come with changing your number or buying an extra phone. If you still aren’t sure, maybe the unique benefits of having a second phone number will convince you.

A Second Phone Number Keeps Your Private Number Safe

Spammers and hackers can do a lot of damage if they ever get ahold of your phone number. Having a second phone number will create an additional layer of security that can keep your private number safe.

As mentioned earlier, any calls made to your second phone number are rerouted through Burner. You’ll have the chance to screen these numbers and prevent them from being transferred in.

Even if you accidentally accept a call from a spammer, the only information they’ll have access to is your Burner number. There isn’t any personal information attached to your Burner number. You can simply “burn” the number, get a new one, and the spammer’s trail to your information will dry up. 

Reach New Customers with a Second Phone Number

Branching out your business into a new area will require establishing roots. That can be easier said than done when you’re an outsider. Having a 205 area code is an easy way to join the Birmingham community.

The truth is that most people won’t answer calls from numbers that they don’t recognize. It’s especially unlikely if that number is coming from an unfamiliar area code. Even an 800 area code isn’t likely to be answered as it might be a bill collector or bad news.

The best way to reach new customers in the Birmingham area is to simply have a 205 area code. 

You Can Separate Work Life and Home Life with a Second Phone Number

It’s nearly impossible to find time for yourself whenever you’re trying to run a business with your personal cell phone. The line that separates your work life and home life will start to blur and eventually vanish completely.

Burner can help you to re-establish that line and separate your work life from your personal life. All you’ll have to do is enable the Do Not Disturb feature on nights, weekends, or vacations.

Any calls or texts that are made to your second number won’t be transferred to your phone, and the notifications will be muted. You’ll receive all of the voicemails and messages whenever you disable the feature. 

What To Do Next

The best way to get a 205 area code is to download the Burner app.

Changing your personal number or buying a phone in Birmingham comes with way too many downsides. Using Burner is the only way to avoid these downsides and enjoy the incredible benefits of having a second number.

Visit Burner today to download the app and start your free seven-day trial. You’ll be able to get a 205 area code and experience the benefits of Burner firsthand.


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