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Our ancestors probably wouldn't think it possible to build a city that’s over a mile above sea level. Not only have we achieved that goal, but Denver is a booming metropolis. Denver is growing so quickly that the need for more area codes is always a pressing matter. One of the newer ones being used is the 720 area code.

About Denver

You’re never at a loss for things to do in Denver, Boulder, and the surrounding cities that make up north-central Colorado. In fact, the 720 area code is bursting with fun activities, sprawling sandstone cliffs, and cultural sights to see. From Denver, the 720 area code extends outwards, reaching such iconic spots as the Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater, Dinosaur Ridge, and the Buffalo Bill Museum. 

Want to hop on over to Boulder? The 720 area code covers that area, too. From Boulder, branch out to explore the great outdoors in the state of Colorado, visiting Bear Peak, ElDorado Canyon State Park, and the iconic Flatirons.

Be sure not to miss some of the 720 area code’s hottest spots, the ultra-modern and architecturally impressive Denver Art Museum, and the Denver Botanic Gardens. Denver is the largest city in the North American Numbering Plan’s (NANPA) 720 area code, but it's not far from other major cities in the Mountain Time Zone, such as Colorado Springs.

Areas Served

As an enclave area code, the 720 area code serves cities located in the northern part of central Colorado. This means that it covers the well-known cities of Denver, Aurora, Westminster, Lakewood, and Boulder. Because the 720 area code is an overlay for the 303 area code, the former is more present in the counties of Arapahoe, Adams, Jefferson, and Boulder as opposed to Denver County. 

Other areas covered in the area code map include:

  • Longmont
  • Broomfield
  • Castle Rock
  • Littleton
  • Brighton
  • Clear Creek
  • Englewood
  • Gilpin
  • Wheat Ridge
  • Highlands Ranch
  • Centennial
  • Lyons

The History of 720

The History of 720

The 720 area code is actually one of the newer area codes in the country, only beginning to serve the Denver and Boulder areas from 1998 onwards. The “original” Colorado area code was actually area code 303. It remained so for about 40 years until rapid growth led to the need for splits and overlays beginning in the 1980s. 

After being split twice and being reduced to serve just northern-central Colorado, the 303 area code was finally overlaid in 1998, marking the beginning of 720 numbers in the area. Because of how new the 720 area code is, it’s markedly known as a number for newer implants to the area and for newer businesses just getting started. 

Also, this means that most of the 303 area codes are found in Denver, while the 720 area code is more prominent in the cities of Aurora, Lakewood, Thornton, Arvada, and Commerce City. Currently, the 720 area code only serves 2% of Denver but is expected to continue to expand into the city as companies assign more 720 numbers.

Where Can You Get a 720 Area Code?

Getting a highly-desired area code for your phone number is much easier than you’re probably thinking. You actually have several options at your disposal. The problem is that a lot of them come with undesirable side effects. Fortunately, there is one option that has no downsides, but that will be more clear in a few moments. 

Ask for a New Phone Number 

It’s very common for people to change their phone numbers several times during their life. There are a variety of accepted reasons, so cell service providers usually don’t even charge to do it. Simply call them up, and request a 720 area code; they’ll try their best to assist you.

The good news is that the 720 area code is still relatively new. That means there should be a few open numbers. The bad news is you’ll permanently lose your current phone number.

You’ll have to update every single one of your online profiles to reflect the change. That’s quite the sacrifice for a 720 area code. Especially if you only need to use it temporarily. 

Visit Denver To Buy a New Cell Phone

The concept of area codes was more simple in the old days. A number would be assigned an area code based on the address of the service. Cell phones are designed to be mobile, so there is no associated address. Instead of being assigned randomly, cell phone area codes are assigned based on where the phone is bought and turned on.  

Essentially, you could get a 720 area code by traveling to Denver, buying a phone, and setting it up. You can probably already see some of the flaws in the plan, especially if you’re trying to get a business phone that’s not for local calls.

The main issue with this method is the money. Depending on how far from Denver you live, you’ll have to spend quite a bit to make the trip in person. Next, you’ll be spending more money to buy another phone. Even a “cheap” phone is expensive these days. Last, you’ll need to add it to your monthly plan and pay for it in perpetuity. 

Even if the money is no issue (how can it not be?), you’ll still have to carry around another phone. That means twice the calls, twice the charging responsibilities, and twice the pocket space being used. Calling this inconvenient would be putting it very nicely. 

Download Burner

“Burner” phones have been around for a long time. The idea is that you buy a low-priced phone and “burn” it (throw it away) whenever you don’t need it anymore. As technology has evolved, physical burner phones have been replaced by virtual Burner phone numbers. The idea is that you only “burn” the number instead of the whole phone.

When you create a Burner account, you’ll be given the choice to select a specific area code. In this case, you would enter 720 into the prompt. Burner will then provide you with an archive of randomized options for the other seven digits in the number. You select the one that you want: It’s yours for as long as you need. It’s just that simple. 

Any calls or texts made to your second number are first rerouted through Burner before being transferred to you. It will basically be like having two phones. The difference is that the other phone is merely the Burner app.

You won’t have to fly to Denver, carry around another phone, or permanently forfeit your main, existing number. You get all of the upsides of the other options with none of the downsides. 

Why Get a Burner Number?

Downloading Burner is the ultimate way to get a 720 area code. But if you’re still unsure, review a short summary of the additional benefits you get with a Burner number:

Protect Your Privacy

Phone numbers are personal information that most people take for granted. While it’s not as sensitive as your Social Security Number, it’s still very sensitive information. Hackers can do a ton of damage with just your phone number. The last thing that you want is for your phone number to fall into the wrong hands. 

That’s why Burner is such a valuable tool. It will keep you one step ahead of all the scammers out there. Remember that your Burner number can be dropped whenever, wherever: It has no direct ties to your personal information.

If spammers start flooding your Burner number with calls, then burn it and get another one. They’ll never know what happened, but more importantly, they’ll never know your identity either. 

Balance Work Life and Home Life

The separation between work life and home life has all but disappeared. Nights and weekends used to be a time when you were free from work. That’s no longer the case; it hasn’t been for some time now. 

Using Burner means you’ll have at least two different phone numbers: one for you as a businessperson and one for you as a normal person. When it’s time to take a break, Burner can help you. The “Do Not Disturb” mode, work hours feature, and ability to create autoresponders are just the tip of the iceberg. You can have your nights and weekends to yourself again!

What To Do Next For a 720 Area Code

Downloading Burner is the best way to get a 720 area code. You’re guaranteed to get a 720 area code without having to travel anywhere or sacrifice your phone number. You’d be saving a considerable amount of money and not creating a headache for yourself. 

All that you have to do is download the app, enter 720 when prompted, and finish setting up your account. It’s that simple. You can change numbers at any time, add lines as needed, and cancel service at any time. All the upside and none of the downside. 

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out Burner to see available 720 area codes to see for yourself. You can have a 720 area code in minutes, and you don’t have to go “a mile high” to get it. 


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