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About Toronto

As the largest and perhaps most well-known city in Canada, Toronto is home to a dynamic mix of world-class attractions, museums, and an eclectic, diverse population. In the 647 area code, you’re close to nearly everything, including the famous CN Tower, Niagara Falls, and the uniquely-designed Royal Ontario Museum. The Hockey Hall of Fame draws millions of visitors to the 647 area code each year, who also stop in to visit the iconic Toronto Island Park, High Park, and Casa Loma. After exploring the city’s stunning skyline views and historic museums, head to Toronto’s Distillery District where you can indulge in a drink or two while touring the distillery itself. Up for a bit of adventure? Toronto’s 647 area code is full of lush lands and wide-open parks where you can enjoy a bit of kayaking, outdoor yoga, and walking.

Areas Served

Similar to the 212 area code in Manhattan, the 647 area code and the 416 area code serve only Toronto. This means that the 647 area code extends to cover an area inhabited by nearly 3 million people despite being the smallest area code in the country of Canada. Along with area codes 416 and 437, the 647 area code serves Toronto, Scarborough, York, and Etobicoke.

The History of 647

The History of 647

The first Canadian dial exchange appeared in East Toronto in 1924. When direct distance dialing first appeared after the 1950s, the main area code was actually 416. It’s why you’ll notice people referring to Toronto as “The 6.” However, since the 1950s, the 416 area code has actually been split twice. This means that it wasn’t until 2001 that the 647 area code appeared, making ten-digit dialing mandatory in Canada due to the surge in phone numbers needed after the introduction of mobile phones and pagers. Today, the 416 are code retains quite a bit of geographic and pop culture significance in many ways similar to the 212 area code in New York. However, the 647 area code is used mostly for prominent, newer businesses, newer residents, and mobile phone numbers in Toronto. Interestingly, despite the popularity of the 647 area code, it’s less than 70% assigned even though it’s been in use for nearly two decades.

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