What Is a Trap Phone and What Is It Used For?

What Is a Trap Phone and What Is It Used For?
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97% of Americans now own at least one cell phone of some kind. But for some people, one phone isn’t enough.

It can sometimes be useful to have a second phone to separate your work life from your personal life or help protect your privacy. But if you’ve ever seen an action movie or a crime drama, you probably know that second phones can be used for a lot more.

If you’ve ever wondered what to call those disposable phones that drug dealers and criminals use to conduct their business, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s everything you need to know about “trap phones.”

What Is A Trap Phone?

“Trap phone” is a slang term for a second phone, or burner phone, that is often used by criminals to conduct illegal activity. These phones are an untraceable means of communication, meaning that they can be used to communicate with others, though they don’t contain personal information that can be used to identify the owner.

This makes trap phones popular for usage in narcotics deals and other criminal activity, as it easily allows an individual to communicate and set up deals without risk of being caught by police.

How Does A Trap Phone Work?

The classic idea of a trap (burner) phone is that the phone is physically thrown away when you’re done with it. This is what made them untraceable, as even if the phone is located by police, it cannot be traced back to a proper location.

Trap phones don’t need to be used for criminal activity, though. In fact, using a burner phone can help to secure your identity by protecting your personal phone number from scammers or spammers who are trying to commit fraud or other robocrimes.

But today, the idea of purchasing a pre-paid phone to throw away is a bit dated. Burner phones work a bit differently today than they used to. Now, you can use an app like Burner to emulate the same idea.

Burner works as a second phone number that acts as a “middle man” between a received call and your personal phone number. When you receive a call, it gets forwarded from the burner number to your phone so that you can stay anonymous. And when you place a call, it will show up on the caller ID as your burner number, not your own.

It’s like having a “trap phone” inside of your shiny new iPhone. And if you ever want to get rid of your burner number, you can delete it whenever without actually needing to throw away your device.

What Does Hacking Do?

While modern mobile phones with their LTE capabilities and high-tech features make certain aspects of life much easier, they can also threaten personal privacy. And hacking into modern phones is much easier than hacking into older phones.

Phone hacking involves any method where someone forces access into a phone. It can be something like a security breach, where someone uses your phone to gain access to personal information, or it might be something advanced like hacking a phone and remotely taking control of it to steal your identity.

Since typical “trap phones” used by criminals don’t contain much personal information on them, to begin with, they often can’t be hacked in a traditional sense to try to gain the whereabouts of the owner.

Similarly, apps like Burner can’t be traced because the burner number is completely separate and unrelated from your phone itself.

When To Use A Trap Phone

“Trap phones” don’t need to be used for criminal activity. In fact, there are plenty of practical uses in everyday life where a burner phone may come in handy.

For one, anyone can use a second phone number in order to protect their personal number from scam calls, unknown numbers, or other potential security breaches. You should only give your personal number to people you trust. For everything else, you can use a burner number.

Additionally, it may be wise to use a burner number if your job requires you to make multiple calls from your personal phone. A second number will mask your personal number so that no one ever gets a hold of your private number or any private information.

What If My Phone Is Hacked?

If you suspect your phone has been hacked, the first thing you should do is contact any financial services that have your credit card or bank account information. Most hackers and cybercriminals are doing it for financial reasons, so you want to be sure to freeze your cards and make your bank aware before any serious damage occurs.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to change all of your passwords so that any breached accounts can no longer be accessed. If you’re still having issues and you think your phone is hacked, contact your mobile carrier or phone manufacturer for further steps.


Where Can I Get A Trap Phone?

If you’re looking to get a physical burner phone, you can purchase relatively inexpensive phones with activation codes or pre-paid sim cards at your local cellular store. But you can also use the Burner app to get a second (or third, or fourth) burner number right from your pre-existing smartphone.


“Trap phone” is a slang term for a burner phone, and these are often used by drug dealers or other criminals to protect their identity when conducting business. These phones are untraceable, as they are often discarded physically when their intended use is complete.

However, the idea of a second phone number doesn’t need to be criminal in nature. In fact, using a burner number can help protect your identity from dangerous scammers or identity fraud.

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