How To Set Up Automated Text Message For Business

How To Set Up Automated Text Message For Business

Text messaging has only been around for a few decades. In that short time, it’s steadily grown in popularity and is one of the leading forms of communication in America. A recent survey found that 63 percent of consumers said they’d switch to a company that offered text messaging as a channel for communication. 

The survey discovered a similar response across several different types of businesses. At least 60 percent of respondents said they’d prefer to use texting to schedule hair care appointments, book travel accommodations, and receive reminders from financial services. These respondents were also likely to recommend their friends and family switch to these companies as well.

It’s pretty clear that texting with consumers is the preferred communication method today and for the foreseeable future. The convenience and non-invasive nature of texting are far preferred to the cold calling tactics of the old days. Using SMS marketing is beneficial for both business owners and consumers. 

What Are Automated Text Messages?

Automated text messages are SMS messages that are sent to business clientele based upon a specified trigger event. The pre-written message is scheduled to be sent at an appropriate time and can be used for a variety of purposes. 

The easiest way to picture them is to consider a “Happy Birthday!” text being sent out on the appropriate day. The person would receive the text, be grateful that you were thinking of them, and you might have forgotten that it was their birthday.  

Obviously, automated text messages can be much more beneficial for a business than wishing someone a happy birthday. These are a few of the creative ways that automated text messaging can be used by a business:

  • Reminders and confirmations. It can be challenging for people to maintain their busy schedules. Sending a text message can help remind them that they’re scheduled for an upcoming appointment. You can include a confirmation link to ensure they are still coming in or allow them to easily cancel the appointment if necessary.    
  • Pick-ups and deliveries. Sending a text message is an easy way to inform a customer that the service they purchased has been completed. It’s also an easy way to establish a time window for in-home delivery. 
  • Surveys and reviews. Customer feedback is one of the most important ways that a business can grow. Sending quick surveys via text is more likely to garner a response than a follow-up email or phone call. 
  • After-hour automation. Every business has designated office hours, but potential customers might not always be aware of yours. An automated text will inform the customer of a time when they should call back and show them that you’re interested in their business. 
  • SMS-based marketing campaigns. One of the most effective ways to drum up business is to include promotions and discounts. Using text messages to send marketing materials is an easy way to increase the odds of repeat business and spread awareness to new consumers.

Can I Just Use Emails Instead of Texts?

There are essentially three ways for a company to contact its consumers: texting, calling, and emailing. The research that was referenced earlier paints a pretty clear picture that consumers prefer texting over calling, but it didn’t cover the prospect of email.

For a time, emails were more popular than text messages. Recent research has indicated that that time is firmly in the past:

  • 90 percent of people open a text within three minutes and only 20 percent of people open their email. 
  • 45 percent of people respond to text messages and only six percent of people respond to emails.
  • The average response time for a text message is 90 seconds and it’s 90 minutes for an email.

Why Is It a Good Idea To Use Automated Text Messages?

The main benefit of using automated text messages is that they can handle a large portion of normal business operations. Staying engaged with your consumer base and clientele is a crucial aspect of the business.

The modern world of business is extremely fast-paced and automation is the best way of keeping up. There once was a time when a single secretary was all you would need to field calls and file information. But those days are long gone and every business would benefit from embracing current technology.

Attempting to do this with a landline would be nearly impossible and take up all of your time. These messages can do all the grunt work for you and allow you to focus on more valuable aspects of your business.

Such a useful business tool would be quite complicated and difficult to manage. The truth is that automated text messages are one of the most simple things to set up for a business. 

Even the more complicated automated text messages are fairly easy to grasp. All you have to do is toggle a few settings, type in your message, and schedule a timed release. That’s all that it takes to engage your customers and experience consistent returns for your efforts.  

What Can You Do With Automated Text Messaging?

There are several companies that offer automated text messaging, but few of them come with the additional benefits of Dialed. You’ll also have the ability to block out spam and robocalls, stay more organized, and increase your overall productivity.

The two most utilized automated text messaging features offered by Dialed are known auto-reply and broadcast messages. Here is an easy guide on how to set up both features:


Auto-reply is the more simple of the two features and does exactly what the name suggests: it automatically replies to received text messages. The auto-reply feature is tied directly to the Do-Not-Disturb option that you can toggle whenever you’re out of the office.

Once activated, anyone who texts your number will receive an auto-reply message containing whatever text you’ve written. The text notification will remain hidden from you until you deactivate the Do-Not-Disturb mode.

Broadcast Messages

Broadcast messages can be a very powerful marketing tool for a business. These text messages are sent to several people of your choosing all at once. Unlike a group message, broadcast messages are sent individually so that you can follow up in a 1-1 text thread. 

Broadcast messaging is an easy way to let your customers know about an upcoming sale or other offers from your business. There are two different ways to compose a broadcast message:

Using A Group Label

  1. Open up your list of contacts.
  2. Tap the “Label” option in the top right corner.
  3. Select the specified group that you want to send the message to.
  4. (Optional) Add individual contacts to the Label by tapping the “+ person “ button.
  5. Tap the “Send a message to this group” option.
  6. Compose the message of your choice and tap the “Send” button.

Individually Selected Contacts

  1. Select the “Compose new message” icon in the top right of your message inbox.
  2. Tap the “+” icon in the recipient field.
  3. Search your contacts list and add anyone that you want to include in the message.
  4. A checkmark will appear by their name and a button at the bottom of the screen will display an “Add (the number selected) recipients” prompt.
  5. When you’re finished adding contacts, select the button to add all of the recipients.
  6. Compose your text message of your choosing and tap the “Send” button.

Stay Connected to Your Customers Through Text

Texting is currently the most preferred method of communication. There will always be times when a phone call is more appropriate, but the vast majority of communication with your customers should be handled via text.

Using the Dialed app is an easy way for you to reach your customers by texting and keeping your number protected at the same time. Dialed offers a variety of features so that you can experience the convenience and pleasure of using automated text messaging.

Download Dialed today to start your free seven-day trial and effortlessly connect with your customers.


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