Santa's Social Media Fails: What Not to Share this Holiday Season

Santa's Social Media Fails: What Not to Share this Holiday Season
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There are plenty of reasons to break out your phone and share your yuletide joy with the world during the holiday season. And, listen, we totally get it — you want to show off your festive decorations, boast about your baking skills, and bombard your feed with pictures of you and your family in ugly Christmas sweaters. But trust us, there’s a fine line between spreading holiday joy and embarrassingly oversharing details of your private life.

But wait — before you snap that tenth photo of your cat in a Santa hat, let's take a moment to reflect on the consequences of overdoing it on social media this holiday season. Sure, your friends might appreciate a few glimpses of your holiday cheer, but from sharing too much about your holiday whereabouts to slipping up and revealing a surprise gift for a loved one, there are some things that should stay off the ‘gram (or clock app or whatever you use to stay social online).

And let's be real for a second, no one (not even your mom) wants to see your ugly sweater every single day for the entire month of December. So don’t be that person. Instead, learn what not to share this holiday season. Here’s how to navigate the “don'ts” of social media this holiday season, so you can enjoy the festivities without compromising your privacy or pride (or that of those around you).

Travel Plans

Going on a trip during the holidays is a great way to relax and recharge, but sharing your travel plans on social media can be a major security risk. Broadcasting your location to the world could make your home a target for theft while you're away (yes, à la Home Alone). Additionally, revealing your location could invite unwanted visitors to your vacation spot. So, skip the posts about your upcoming trip and save your holiday pics for when you return home.

Party Pictures

Holiday parties are a great time to let loose and have fun with friends and family, but be careful about how many party pics you share online. Not everyone wants their picture plastered all over social media, so make sure you get permission before posting. 

Additionally, avoid sharing any pictures or videos that might be incriminating or embarrassing to yourself or others. If you absolutely must share snaps of your shenanigans, at least create a finsta.

Controversial Political Opinions

Family gatherings during the holiday season can be tense enough without adding political opinions to the mix. And while it might be tempting to get into a riff with your distant cousin or weird aunt on Facebook, it’s best to keep things civil and avoid posting politically charged status updates or comments online. Remember, it’s a season of joy, peace, and harmony, so save political debates for another day and steer clear of any controversial topics during the holidays, whether online or at the dinner table.

Keep Communication Calm

When it comes down to it, the holiday season is a time for creating memories, and sharing too much online without thinking can lead to unpleasant outcomes that extend far beyond simply feeling embarrassed the next day at work. 

Consider the effect the things you share online can have on your future job prospects or personal relationships, and instead, follow Santa’s lead — check your list twice (er, always think twice) before sharing anything on social media that you wouldn't want your grandma or future employer to see.

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