4 Reasons To Get A Business Phone For Work

4 Reasons To Get A Business Phone For Work

The world of business is constantly evolving and only the most adaptable companies survive. These unstoppable changes are challenging for start-ups that are attempting to get off the ground and successful conglomerates with deeply established roots. 

It’s essential that you understand which aspects of your business are most likely to change and create a flexible plan to manage them. Naturally, that’s much easier said than done and you’ll need to make a great effort to stay ahead of any potential changes.

One of the largest changes to business has come in the form of business phones. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, then you might need to get one.

What Is a Business Phone?

In the old days, running a business meant having a dedicated business phone service at the office and a personal line at home. Thanks to the creation of cell phones, these two lines have essentially merged into one. It’s very common for the contents of your workday to spill over into your home life. Using a work phone can help you to keep the two separated. 

A business phone system is basically a separate phone that you would use for anything related to your work. Think of it as a business credit card. The idea is that you wouldn’t use your personal credit card to buy office supplies. So you shouldn’t be using your personal cell phone to handle business-related phone calls.   

Why Should You Get a Business Phone? 

  1. It protects your privacy.
  2. Business phones offer better work/life balance.
  3. You can screen incoming calls.
  4. You can set up a professional voicemail.

In modern times, it’s borderline essential for small business owners to invest in a separate phone for business. It’s not just a good idea from a business perspective, it’s also beneficial from a mental health standpoint too

Having time to unwind from work can significantly improve your performance when you’re at work. It’s really just a win-win situation all around Here are four distinct reasons why you should get a separate business calling features:

It Protects Your Privacy

A business phone number is basically the direct opposite of a private phone number. Corporations spend a lot of money to spread their phone numbers around. The more people that know it, the better for business and sales. 

The opposite is true for your private phone number. You only want to give it out to people that you know and want to talk with in the future. Plus, if your personal number is easily found online, then you could wind up being the victim of robocalls and spam.

Having two separate phones will help you succeed in both opposing goals. You can spread the number of your business as far as you want and keep your private number anonymous at the same time.

Business Phones Offer Better Work/Life Balance

As mentioned earlier, work-life balance is critical to your mental health. Everyone needs to have time for themselves that doesn’t involve work. A separate business phone is one of the easiest ways to achieve this goal. All that you have to do is simply turn off your business phone on nights, weekends, or vacations.

You’ll be able to separate yourself from work and be able to enjoy your personal time. You won’t have to deal with a ringing phone or be bombarded with notifications. Just sit back, relax, and get back to work when it’s time.  

You Can Screen Incoming Calls

Calling a business will usually send you to a menu that asks if you know your party's extension. During this time, the person that you’re calling will have the opportunity to screen the call. They can either accept the call or deny it and send it to voicemail.

You’ll be able to have the same opportunity with a separate work phone. You can screen your calls and decide what should happen next.

There is even software that can help you establish an auto attendant option like the one mentioned earlier. You can set it up to create extensions for whatever reason and the system can send text or email notifications based on their choice. Obviously, using software like this would be highly bizarre on your personal phone.

You Can Set Up a Professional Voicemail

Everything matters in the world of business and that can even include voicemails. It can be a little off-putting for potential customers to call a business and be greeted with a personal voicemail message. 

Remember that you are a representative of your business. The more professional that you appear, the more respectable your business will be.

A business phone will let you create a voicemail that offers specific instructions. You’ll be able to include important information about when you’ll be back and where the caller can receive additional help in the meantime.

Why You Should Use Dialed Instead

  1. You only need a single phone.
  2. You can create contact sheets for different groups.
  3. You can send bulk messages.

The list above should make it pretty clear that you need a separate business phone. There are just too many benefits that you’re missing out on by using your personal cell phone.

But what if there was a way that you could have access to a business phone number without using a separate phone? The Dialed app can provide you with this access from your personal device

Not only can the Dialed mobile app give you the ability to achieve everything mentioned above, but you’ll also have access to additional benefits too. These are a few reasons why using Dialed is a better option for you:

A Single Phone

The most obvious benefit is that you don’t have to buy a new phone. Cell phones have gotten extremely expensive over the last few years and you’ll need to upgrade it often. You’ll be spending a few extra hundred dollars every year or two to stay current.

Another benefit is that you won’t have to make any changes to your monthly service plan. An extra phone will mean a larger phone bill. You could end up paying twice as much money every month and maybe even more. Dialed won’t require you to make any changes to your monthly service plan.

Contact Sheets

Staying organized is the cornerstone to success as sloppiness can quickly lead to severe problems. Dialed can help you to stay organized by creating contact sheets for your customers, employees, and business partners. These sheets will allow you to store call logs, texts, and important information in a single place.

You’ll even be able to create groups for your contacts that can keep them sorted. Employees from different departments don't have to be lumped in together. You can separate them however you want to and assign custom labels for them. No more scrolling endlessly through your contacts looking for the number that you need.

Another helpful organizational tool is the ability to assign VIP status to your important contacts. These contacts will be prioritized over the others and you’ll receive their calls and notifications before any others.

Bulk Messages

Whenever there is an important development, it can take a long time to inform everyone in your contacts. You’ll have to find the contact, create your message, and wait for their reply. Dialed can help save time by giving you access to bulk messaging.

Bulk messages are kind of like group text threads. You create a single text and send it to multiple recipients at the same time. The key difference is that their response will create a one-on-one thread that only the two of you will see. Using this feature is especially beneficial for updating customers about any sales or promotional material.

What To Do Next

The business world is always changing and you need to evolve if you want to keep up. Taking work home with you is nothing new, but there are smarter ways to do it now. A lot of people opt for a separate business phone that fulfills their business needs. 

Using another phone will provide you with some benefits, but it will also come with a few drawbacks. The cost alone is worth reconsidering your options. Dialed will not only help you save money, but it will also provide you with several unique features such as contact sheets, group labeling, VIP status, and bulk messaging.

Visit Dialed to download the app today. You can start your free seven-day trial and experience the benefits firsthand. 


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