How To Mask Your Phone Number With Another Number

How To Mask Your Phone Number With Another Number
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Calling a new Tinder date and don’t want them to see your real phone number? Need to send a message to a work contact but don’t feel like giving them access to your real phone number? Whatever the reason may be, there are many reasons for wanting to mask your phone number.

Thankfully, the FCC has made it easy to mask your phone number straight from your phone before each call. However, if you’d like to mask your number permanently or at least long-term, there are other options. Using a Burner phone app is one of them.

Here’s why we suggest using a second phone number instead of simply masking your number and how to get a free number today.

How to mask your phone number from your phone

If you’re not interested in using any third-party apps or simply need to mask your phone number for one quick call, you’re able to do that straight from your phone. The FCC mandated that all carriers in the United States make it possible for users to be able to block their number from appearing on caller IDs.

So, to mask your phone number straight from your phone, follow these steps:

Enter *67 before the entire number, then press the call button. If you can, make a test call (to a trusted friend or coworker) before calling your contact to make sure this works. If it doesn’t work, try entering #31# before typing in the phone number. You’ll know if it does work if your number should appear as “private,” “unknown,” or “restricted.”

It’s worth noting here while we’re on the topic that the FCC has also prohibited anybody else from masking their number if they intend to “defraud, cause harm, or obtain anything of value.”


How to permanently mask your phone number

If you need to mask your number on a more long-term basis for anybody who calls or texts you, we suggest using a second phone number app. These types of apps, like the Burner phone app, allow you to create a second phone number and use it as if it were your “real” number.

You can choose your area code and then start using the number for all calls and texts. This means that you can not only mask your real number when making calls but that you can give the number out to anybody who wants to call or text you as well.

When you make a call, it will appear on the other person’s phone as your Burner number. When you receive a call, the incoming call will be from your Burner number as well, unless you’ve saved the contact under a specific name.


How to hide your phone number when using social media apps

What about hiding your phone number when you use it to sign up for social media apps? That depends on the app you’re using. We always suggest using a second phone number to sign up for new websites and social media accounts. This will ensure that the site doesn’t take your number and sell it to telemarketers who will later contact you.

However, when it comes to certain platforms, you’ll need a real phone number that can receive SMS texts with a verification code (Tinder, Instagram, etc.). If that’s the case, you’ll need to use a real phone number, but that doesn’t mean it has to be yours. With the Burner app, you receive a real phone number that you can use for calls and text messages.

This means that if you want to mask your real phone number, you don’t even have to use it at all. You sign up with the Burner number, you receive a text message with the verification code, and then you continue to use your Burner number for other things, such as giving it out to matches on dating apps, giving it to work contacts, or using it to sell things online.

Due to the sheer number of uses of a Burner number, we suggest this option as it allows you to mask your number across all platforms while also using the number for other tasks. The best part is that, when you no longer need the number, you simply burn it; all messages, information, and literally everything will be deleted automatically with no trace.


Try masking your real number with a Burner number

If you’re wondering how to mask your number, you likely have a reason for it. Whether that reason has to do with safety issues or privacy concerns, it’s all the same to us. We’re here to provide you with a safe second phone number app that can help you mask your number for however long you wish to hide it for. And while you’re at it, you can continue to use the Burner number for personal tasks, online dating, or even for work.

Want to try it out? Get a free number here to see how you like it.

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