How To Call Privately: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

How To Call Privately: A Step-by-Step Tutorial
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According to, 46% of Americans say they receive spam phone calls every day. And Reader’s Digest tells us just how easy it is for telemarketers to get your number.

But it’s a fairly simple process to prevent your number from showing up on caller ID when calling businesses, making purchases, or going about your daily lives. While using an app can offer up much better protection for your phone, there are a few other ways that you can keep your number private.

Use A Special Code

The simple method is also the most universal. Using a special code works on any type of cell phone as well as a landline in the United States. The most common block code is *67 and should be effective for almost all phones.

To make your number private and prevent it from displaying on the other phone's caller ID, you would simply enter the block code in before dialing the number:  

  1. You will need to determine the correct code to use. Your number will most likely be safely blocked by using the *67 block code, but in some cases, it may require using #31# instead.
  2. Open up the phone app that you use to make calls. Make sure not to use a callback option or select the number from your contacts, as the number would be dialed without using the block code.
  3. Dial the correct block code. Make sure that you enter the code properly and use the proper numbers and symbols.
  4. Enter the phone number of the person you wish to call. Instead of being ten digits, it will now be at least 13 characters long and look different.
  5. Check that the number is correct and hit the call button.

If you intend to call this number again in the future and wish to continue to remain private when you do, you can store the number in your contacts with the block code attached. You would create a contact as normal and just enter the block code before the number when adding the number.

This ensures that anytime you call the number in the future, your number is blocked.

Disable The Feature On Your Phone

Regardless of the type of smartphone you have, it comes with some features allowing you to make your phone number private during calls. The exact process varies depending on the model and operating system.

However, if you have a Verizon phone, you won’t make your number private with your phone. They still provide the ability, but you will instead have to go to their website or use the My Verizon app to change your account options.

For other phones, the process only requires a few steps.


Most iPhones come with a built-in option for disabling your caller ID and making your phone number private. To disable the feature, you would:

  1. Open up the Settings app of your iPhone. It should look like two silver gears in your list of apps.
  2. Select the Phone option in Settings. The icon should be green and look similar to the headset of a landline phone.
  3. Press the option that says Show My Caller ID that appears on the list.
  4. Tap the toggle switch that appears beside Show My Caller ID. When the toggle switch is on the left side, and the color is gray, your Caller ID should no longer appear when you make a phone call.


The more recent models of Androids come with this option, but some of the older ones might not. Additionally, some Samsung phones have a different menu than other Androids, and therefore the process looks different.

For most of the newer models, the process goes like this:

  1. Open up the Phone app that you use to make calls. It will be green and looks like an old landline headset.
  2. In the top right corner, tap the icon that indicates more options. It might appear like three vertical dots, three vertical lines, or simply say More.
  3. Select the Settings options in the menu that appears.
  4. Scroll down and select the More Settings option. It might say Additional Settings or Supplementary Settings.
  5. Tap the Show Caller ID option that appears in the menu. It should appear near the top and might be listed as Show My Caller ID.
  6. Select the Hide Number option in the menu that appears. This should prevent your number from being listed on all future calls made from your phone.

Use the Burner App

There are plenty of high-quality apps and software available that help to keep your number private and safe. Unlike some of the other options on this list, these apps can provide this service for text messages in addition to phone calls.

The Burner app works by assigning you a second phone number. Burner intercepts the calls made to your normal phone number and then routes them to your cell phone number, which would remain private.

You can create as many numbers as you like simultaneously and they’re all local to the U.S. or Canada. These burner numbers work when calling our texting and can be “burned” at any time, meaning those you contacted, cannot contact you back.

Talk To Your Phone Carrier

Depending on your service provider, you have the option of making your number private. Most of the major providers offer some version of this service, including Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile. You can simply dial 611 on your phone and be directly placed into contact with customer service.

From here, you can request that your number be made private. Normally the providers won’t charge a fee for this feature, and you can have it enabled permanently. In the event that you select this option, you can disable the feature and allow your information to be displayed during a call.

To do this, simply enter the code *82 before dialing, and it will allow your information to be displayed to the person you are calling.

The Takeaway

As technology expands and becomes more complicated, it’s important to stay on top of your privacy and security. Your phone number is a very important part of your life, and it’s a wise move to keep it from falling into the wrong hands.

There are several effective ways that you can make your phone number private. However, none of these options provide security for your phone in the same way that getting a second number using the Burner app can. Download the app and get your second number today.


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