How Private Is Your Phone Number? Take The Burner Challenge

How Private Is Your Phone Number? Take The Burner Challenge
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Have you ever wondered just how much of your personal information is available online? With social media, smartphones, online shopping, and the Internet of Things, your personal information and habits might not be as protected as you think. Whether a big data company or your next Tinder date want to know more about you, they can likely find the information they’re looking for online—all they need is your phone number.


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The Burner Challenge is designed to show you just how much of your personal information is already out there. Plug in your digits! The results might surprise you. (Don’t worry, we never sell or share your information to advertisers or third parties.)

All of the information that we search and return in the Burner Challenge is readily available from public sources. As you’ll see, we’re usually  able to pull up your name, gender, previous addresses, social media profiles, and more — just from knowing the 10 digits in your phone number.

Who deserves to know your phone number?

Privacy experts have begun to encourage people to protect their phone numbers with more care than they have in the past. Your phone number is a unique identifier attached only to you—and it’s a pain to change.

It might seem hyperbolic, but your phone number is like your social security number. For many people, it’s a 10-digit number they will carry with them for years, possibly even decades. Many millennials received their cell phone numbers as pre-teens and have carried it into their 20s or even 30s.

When your phone number becomes attached to your other personal information and is easily searchable, it’s almost impossible to undo. Once someone knows your phone number, they can use that to find out more about you, even if you don’t want them to.

Many people don’t think twice before giving out their phone numbers to salespeople, stores where they shop, doctors’ offices, and advertisers. Companies want as much information about you as possible — many of them even share or sell it. Whether you choose to become more protective of your phone number or not, pay attention to how often you’re asked to disclose that number.

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