The Best Google Voice Alternatives in 2023

The Best Google Voice Alternatives in 2023
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The benefit to google voice is that you are able to access your business phone systems, business phone services, voice messages, and texts from anywhere as long as you can access the internet.

What is Google Voice?

Google Voice is a cloud-based phone system, otherwise known as a voice over internet protocol (VoIP) that allows you to have an alternative phone number from any device. Google Voice offers phone systems for both personal use and business use.

A benefit to using google voice is that it is affordable. Once you sign up, calls are free to all domestic numbers. International calls require additional fees.

Alternatives to Google Voice

As with any tech, there are always alternatives:


Burner is a service that allows you to create a second phone number with many of the features of a fully-fledged second phone without having to buy any new hardware. Created with a focus on privacy and anonymity, with Burner you get access to voice, SMS, and voicemail services that are separate from the ones that already exist on your device.

This gives you the ability to separate your work life from your home life entirely with the hardware you already own.


Callcentric Business is another VoIP that offers additional payment packages depending on your desired use. The use of Callcentric for outgoing calls is free, allowing for unlimited outgoing calls to any Callcentric or VoIP user.

Additional monthly fees can be applied as more services are in use, such as calling non VoIP numbers, international calls, and the ability to call E911. The pricing of monthly plans ranges from $0 to $29.95. Incoming calls can be paid $0.15 by the minute, or by paying a monthly plan.

Pricing varies depending on the desired use of the calls. There are additional extension plans to allow for SMS.

VO IP.MS offers a long list of features in addition to making calls. Some of these additional features include 3-way calling, audio conferencing, music on hold, call recordings, call encryptions, calling queues, and much more.’ rates vary depending on your location and desired plan. Outcoming calls are on a minute plan while incoming calls rates are dependent on whether you choose a monthly plan or pay as you go.


Twilio, a cloud-based communication focused more on customer communication. Twilio emphasizes the ability to communicate across platforms, allowing users to communicate with others on channels like SMS, email, video, and chatting apps such as WhatsApp.

In addition to standard and programmable SMS, Twilio also offers programmable voice calls and the ability to customize a programmable contact center.


Similar to other VoIP's, Microsoft Teams is an online platform that allows people to chat, call and video chat with one another. Microsoft Teams is free to sign up and offers limited use. Additional services can be acquired through the payment of monthly fees.

Additional services include the access to Office 365. Microsoft Teams is designed for businesses, home, education and enterprise.


Vonage is a cloud-based VoIP offering both business phones and communication APIs. Vonage plans range from a basic plan at $19.99 to their advanced plan at $39.99. Unfortunately, there are no services that can be used from Vonage without a plan.

Vonage offers over 50 different features that are accessible from any device through their app. All plans include basic video and voice calls and messaging.  


Grasshopper is a virtual phone system that allows people to access and use two phone numbers on one device. Users are able to transfer over their number to Grasshopper, or custom pick a new one.

Both local and toll-free numbers are available. Grasshopper’s services are available through a monthly plan. For those unsure of the commitment, Grasshopper offers a free trial to test the waters.


FreePBX is an Asterisk-based online phone system. FreePBX is entirely free to use, though add-on bundles can be purchased for an additional annual fee. The bundle rates range from $149 to $1,499 for a one-year license.

Some features included in these bundles are caller ID management, Conference Pro, call recording reports, and appointment reminders.


If you are looking for an alternative to Google Voice, there are a ton of options out there. Burner stands out as an intuitive and accessible way to get all the benefits of a second phone without actually having to buy any new hardware.

For a low subscription fee, you can get a second phone number for your business and avoid the complications that arise when you try to manage life at home and life at work on the same device.

Try Burner’s seven-day free trial to see these features for yourself.


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