Get A 407 Area Code Phone Number Today

Get A 407 Area Code Phone Number Today
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Even though its usually an afterthought, a phone number says a lot about your business. Even the area code provides information for a possible customer to consider. You can create a specific phone number tailored to meet your company and business model by changing your phone number.

What’s So Important About A Phone Number?

In business, perception is often more important than reality. It’s the reason why so many business people are often dressed in high quality and expensive suits. By appearing to be rich and successful, they are creating an image of themselves and their company.

Dressing and acting, the part of being successful, is a very important part of actually being successful.

The same concept can also be applied to the phone number of your business. There are quite a few different types of phone numbers, each of them will give off a different perception of your business.

You will have to decide what you want your phone number to say about you and your business. Here are a few examples of the varying types of phone numbers available and what they might imply to a potential customer:


These numbers will usually help get the attention of potential customers and help them remember the number in the future. Trying to remember a ten-digit phone number can be pretty difficult, but remembering one that spells out words such as 1-800-CASH-4-ME is much easier to remember. While these numbers come with a few benefits, they are also heavily associated with late-night infomercials for ridiculous products.

A vanity number might give off the impression that your business shouldn’t be taken as seriously as the competition.


Having one of the various 800 prefixes means that your callers won’t have to pay long-distance charges. While this is less of a problem with modern-day technology, it shows that your business is run nationally.

Any company that does business from coast to coast would have to be considered successful, so an 800 number would imply success. However, some people prefer to do business with smaller companies or those located within their own community.

This is where the idea of using a specific area code is the better option.


The area code associated with a business can say a lot more than you may think. Take, for example, the area code of Manhattan: 212.

Any business with a 212 area code at the front of their number is instantly associated with one of the most powerful business hubs in the world. A business calling from that area code has instant credibility compared to one calling from the middle of North Dakota.

Since you almost certainly won’t be able to secure a 212 area code, you may have to consider an alternative option instead.  

Where Is The 407 Area Code Located?

The area code of 407 is located in eastern parts of central Florida and services the counties of Orange, Seminole, Osceola, and Brevard. These counties are located to the south of Daytona Beach, east of Tampa, and north of West Palm Beach.

The largest city in this area code is Orlando, but it also includes Alafaya, Pine Hills, Kissimmee, and Sanford as well. The 407 area code is a little over three thousand square miles and includes a population of over 3.6 million people. Due to the high demand for these numbers in this area code, the overlay prefix of 689 has started to be more commonly used.

Why Should You Use A 407 Area Code?

The 407 code first started to be used in the year 1988. Since the number covers such a large land area, it had been split two separate times by the area codes of 561 in 1996 and 321 in 1999. However, the numbers were frozen, and the current area codes of the location are 407 and 689.

This information is worth knowing because it means that these area code numbers are very highly sought. One of the largest reasons for this high demand is the location of Disney World and several other theme parks.

However, there are a few more reasons why outside businesses often use the area code.


Obviously, the largest and most beneficial factor of a 407 area code is that there are several theme parks located there. The most profitable being Disney World, but Orlando is also home to Universal Studios, Sea World, and Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, to name a few.

Under normal circumstances, these theme parks and attractions generate tens of millions of dollars daily. These numbers have taken a dramatic step backward since the pandemic hit but are starting to rise again and slowly return to normal.

While the number of tourists hasn’t returned to normal levels yet, plenty of businesses have been built around their inevitable return.  


While tourism might be the major draw for the 407 area code, plenty of other businesses are starting to grow in the area. The area is starting to become synonymous with technology and scientific studies due to the Central Florida Research Park being opened there.

There are also plenty of film and television shows being filmed in the area as well as aerospace and aviation production. A wide variety of business types is very beneficial for an area as it shows that the local economy can survive on more than just one or two industries.


One of the main reasons so many businesses are started and operated in Florida is their generous tax cuts and low revenue burden. This means that a business that is run in Florida has a much higher value and more capital than a business run in most other states.

It’s important to note that these tax rates won’t apply to your business just because you are using a Florida area code. However, by using an area code such as 407, potential customers may find your business more appealing if they believe you are paying fewer taxes than other similar companies.


The 407 area code contains so many people that it was split up two times and still needed a third overlay code. With more than 3.6 million people, it is one of the largest area codes in terms of population, and that’s not counting the tens of millions of tourists that visit annually.

A large population can signal that the local economy is sustainable and is providing a more competitive job market than other areas. A 407 area code could imply that your business has a higher quality team of employees that will be able to provide a more pleasant experience for the customer.  

The Takeaway

Whether you realize it or not, even the tiniest of details are important for a customer when they are attempting to make a purchase. This can include the overall phone number of your business but might even include just the area code.

Using the Burner app immediately provides your business with an improved perception of professionalism, regardless of where your business is located. By using Burner to set up a second number in the 407 area code, your business will be viewed positively and be associated with the growing Orlando metropolis area.


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